15 Effective Tips for Cleaning Your Home Easily

Keeping the house clean is something we all want but finding time for it is not easy for everyone. For people, who have time constraints due to their busy lives there are some tips ad tricks they can use to keep their homes tidy. For instance, there are easy and effective tips that make a tedious task like sofa cleaning very hassle-free. You can also use the following tips to get the cleaning done in a stress-free way.

1. Easily Remove Dust on Your Keyboard with Compressed Air

By dint of eating sandwiches in front of Netflix, we inevitably end up with a nice little pile of crumbs lodged between the keys of the keyboard. To remove them easily, nothing could be simpler than 2-3 sprays of this compressed air. And don’t worry, this product is specially designed for electronic devices. This means that no liquid comes out of it and that there is no danger for your electronic devices.

2. Use a Toothbrush and 70 ° Alcohol to Clean Your iPhone Headphones

Know that iPhone headphones are real germ nests! Clean your dirty headphones easily with an old toothbrush and 70 ° alcohol. While you’re at it, also clean your smartphone with this homemade cleaning spray You just need to mix a little white vinegar and water.

3. Remove Dust, Pollen and Cobwebs from Mosquito Nets with an Adhesive Roller

These lint-free adhesive rollers are just magic for cleaning services Arlington… You can even use them to dust your lampshades.

4. Remove All Stains and Residue from Your Curling Iron

Curling irons are often made of steel, and they get stained easily from the residue left over from hair care. A little piece of steel wool and you’re done in 2 minutes flat. In addition, this trick works for all steel electrical appliances.

5. Super-efficient Grandma’s Trick to Clean the Toilet Bowl

All you need is a little soda ash and hot water. It’s a trick as old as the world, but formidably effective.

6. Are Your Blinds and Sofa Full of Dust? Here Is the Easiest Cleaning Trick

Tweezers, a microfiber cloth and 4 rubber bands: this is the most effective method for dusting your blinds. Isn’t home-made really your hobby? Then get this microfiber brush for blinds. It also works to clean dust from air conditioners and car air vents.

Similarly, you can use the trick to clean your sofa-set. However, if you do not want to do it yourself book sofa cleaning services and get it done without any hassle.

7. Mixture of Baking Soda & Lavender Essential Oil to Refresh Your Mattress

Sprinkle on it, leave it on, vacuum and say goodbye to bad smells of perspiration. Little more, lavender also helps you fall asleep, thanks to its natural anti-stress properties.

8. Make the Stainless-Steel Shine Using White Vinegar and Olive Oil

There are cleaners specially designed for stainless steel, but they are often very expensive and contain harmful products. Instead, try this homemade trick made with white vinegar and olive oil. You will see, this homemade recipe is perfect for cleaning and shining all household appliances that have a stainless-steel coating. Goodbye fingerprints!

9. Protect Your Taps from Water Spots with Baking Paper!

After cleaning your stainless-steel faucets, rub them with baking paper. Yes, simple baking paper! This trick will seem unusual to you, but I promise you that it is terribly effective. The baking paper will shine the stainless-steel coating and leave a thin layer of wax that protects it from water spots and fingerprints. To discover: Limestone on the tap? Quickly White Vinegar, the Most Effective Anti-Limestone.

10. To Keep Your Sponges, Clean Longer, Use a Hanging Suction Cup Basket

These sponge organizers attach with suction cups and help prevent bacteria build-up. Is your sponge all crazed and smelly? To kill all bacteria, put it in the microwave for 1 min.

11. Use a Plastic Bag & White Vinegar to Easily Descale Your Shower Head

This little trick proves that laziness is quite an art! Thanks to this Sioux trick, your shower head descends on its own while you rest quietly in front of Netflix. It’s so easy. You just have to fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and a little lemon essential oil, then leave to act. And hop! All limescale and water stains disappear effortlessly.

12. Easy & Efficient Cleaning – Small Ergonomic Brushes with Extra-Stiff Bristles

These 2 little stiff bristle brushes have literally changed my life when I am cleaning. And fortunately, they are ultra-resistant, because I use them often! Especially for cleaning the craziest places in the house: the tile joints, the toilet surround, the sink drain, the nooks and crannies of the faucet … The little extra is that I can also put them in the dishwasher after using them. And today, my trusty little brushes are still in perfect condition.

You can also use these brushes for getting dust out of the nooks of your sofa. Although, if the corners of your sofa-set remain dirty, it will be better to book sofa wash Lahore for efficacious cleaning.

13. Easily Clean Your Makeup Brushes with this Cleaning Mat

Everyone knows that the best makeup is done with good, clean brushes. The problem … is cleaning makeup brushes for your eyes and face is a hassle. Fortunately, there is a solution: this cleaning mat for makeup brushes. With its 7 textures to clean all types of brushes, this mat makes cleaning your brushes a breeze. In addition, the mat is specially designed to fit most sinks, as it has suction cups on the back to secure it on flat surfaces.

According to Fortune Business Insights The global surfactants market size is projected to reach USD 57.81 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period.

14. Use this Grandma’s Trick to Easily Remove Limescale in a Glass Bottle

Just add water, a little rice and a small amount of dish soap. Shake for a few seconds and your bottle will be clean and sparkling! An ultra-practical tip for cleaning gourds, carafes and bottles with a neck that is too narrow for a sponge or a bottle brush. Also, know that this little trick works for glass and plastic bottles, but also for jars, Thermos and baby bottles.

15. Keep this Sponge with a Refillable Handle in Your Shower for Easy Quick Cleaning

Fill the handle with a mixture of white vinegar and dish soap. This is perfect for doing a quick little cleanse while your conditioner is working. Awesome, isn’t it? In addition, the rechargeable handle sponges are ultra-resistant.

All the above-mentioned tips are tailor-made for the people who like to keep their homes clean and tidy. You can use these tips or book a professional sofa cleaner in Lahore to keep your home sparkling and fragrant.

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