3 Vital Pieces of Equipment for a Digital Nomad

3 Vital Pieces of Equipment

For an increasing number of people, the desire to combine the working world and travel and global exploration is something that has become a reality. A few generations ago, the phrase “digital nomad” was not part of common vocabulary, but in 2022 it is increasingly recognized. A digital nomad leverages modern technology’s power to enable remote working to take place from almost any part of the world. Today’s digital nomads are extremely tech-savvy and adept at working in a wide range of countries, often with a minimum of baggage apart from some essential equipment. This article explains three key pieces of equipment that are likely to be used regularly by most digital nomads to enable them to lead a lifestyle that combines a regular income with global travel.

A compact laptop

The vast majority of digital nomads like to travel light, and this also extends to their most essential tech equipment. Many digital nomads work in the design, IT, or coding sectors and need a laptop that is both compact and powerful. 17-inch screen laptops such as those that can be found at https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/d/17-inch-laptops/ offer the ideal solution to most computing needs while being compact and lightweight enough to be easily portable. Many digital nomads favor the 17-inch laptop as it offers the perfect balance between compact and lightweight design and a screen size that still allows all tasks to be undertaken in comfort. Digital nomads also tend to favor such laptops that prioritize long battery life. By the nature of global travel, it is common to be in situations where charging tech devices from conventional power sources can be challenging, so a battery life of twelve hours or above makes an ideal choice in such equipment.

Battery banks

Occasionally the digital nomad may find that they are working from remote locations that may not have access to power supplies as would be found in most hotels and guest houses around the world. As such, it can be imperative to have a battery bank as an essential piece of tech to allow continued working and communication to take place. Modern battery banks can quickly charge a range of tech devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones and have ultra-high capacities that allow for multiple charges to take place across devices. Most modern battery banks have a storage capacity of at least 10,000mAh of charge. Here are some of the best battery banks available to buy in 2022.

A high-quality backpack

A final key piece of equipment for any digital nomad is a rugged, well-made, and comfortable backpack. Many travelers will opt to choose a larger backpack that caters to all their storage needs in one item of luggage. This can save paying extra at airports for additional suitcases and allows the digital nomad to travel as light as possible while having all the necessary key equipment. Waterproof backpacks make an ideal choice and are considered mandatory when it is likely that they will carry a range of tech equipment in them. Another consideration is the need for a sturdy and robust design that will allow the backpack to offer years of service in a range of weather conditions.

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