5 Tips for Finding the Best AC Technician in Karachi


Do you want to benefit from the comfort of air conditioning in your home? To benefit from your AC in good working order, you will need to book professional AC master services in Karachi. Keep reading the blog for tips and advice on finding the best air conditioning installer near you.

1. Air Conditioning Installer: Who to Contact?

When installing air conditioning in a house, air conditioning (fixing of each unit, electrical wiring, the passage of refrigeration connections, etc.), and commissioning, are distinguished. This commissioning includes checking the conformity of the installation, the absence of leaks, or even switching on the system.

It must be carried out by a verified professional who has training for handling AC of all brands and models. The craftsman carrying out the installation of your air conditioner is not necessarily the one who carries out the commissioning of the system.

For the installation work of your air conditioning (fixing and connecting the unit), you can call on a heating specialist, a plumber, or an electrician specializing in the installation of air conditioning. On the other hand, the air conditioner’s commissioning must be carried out by a professional possessing the certificate of capacity to respect the regulations and benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. This is generally a refrigeration engineer or air conditioning specialist. The latter may refuse to commission the system if the installation of the air conditioner has not been carried out correctly.

2. How to Find the Best Electrician?

How to recognize a good professional offering AC installation service in Karachi? Professional qualifications, certifications, experience … There are concrete criteria to find the best pro for the installation of your air conditioning in your home. An AC technician must have one of the following diplomas to be able to install a reversible or multi-split air conditioner in your home:

  • experienced baccalaureate technician in energy and climate systems maintenance;
  • BEP cold and air conditioning;
  • CAP installer in refrigeration and air conditioning;
  • BTS fluids, energies, environment, or BTS fluids, energies, home automation;
  • DUT thermal engineering and energy.

3. Installer Experience and References

Always ask about the experience and references of an air conditioning installer. In general, an excellent professional play on transparency and posts his references on his website. You can also find customer reviews on the forums.

4. What Price to Expect for the Installation of an Air Conditioner?

If you do not yet have air conditioning in your home, any serious professional offering AC master services in Karachi will suggest that you carry out a thermal assessment before selling and installing the air conditioner. This assessment should guide you in choosing an air conditioner model with the correct power: reversible, mono split, multi-split, bisplit, indoor monobloc air conditioner, heat pump …

5. Take Advantage of the Many Possibilities to Find the Best Professional

For the installation and AC repair services in Karachi you can consider one of the following options or simply book through Mr. Mahir app:

  • Partner network: air conditioning manufacturers often set up a network of professionals to install their air conditioners. Go to your air conditioning manufacturer’s website to find a licensed air conditioning installer.
  • Energy suppliers: among their services, gas or electricity suppliers can offer you the installation of an air conditioning system.
  • Internet: launch a search on a search engine using the query “air conditioning installation” followed by the name of your town or department of residence. You will get a list of air conditioning installers. Double-check the skills of these professionals before requesting quotes.
  • Word of mouth: ask someone you know who is satisfied with their air conditioning for the contact details of the professional who installed the system. This is the best way to obtain quality service.

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