A Detailed Guide On The Different Types of Sarees, Their Origin, Making & Significance

Different Types of Sarees
Different Types of Sarees

Sarees in India are considered to be the symbol of both culture and tradition. This traditional clothing offers a special elegance to the wearer, which is why most people adore this unique outfit. It is a timeless piece of clothing with different variations available across the country. The length and breadth also vary based on the region it has originated from.

If you start traveling to different parts of the country, you will be able to come across different types of sarees. These sarees will have distinct draping styles made from different materials, and the stories about their inception are also different. In this article, we will discuss different types of sarees, their origin, and their significance so that the next time you attend an occasion, you will be able to select the best sarees to add to your elegance.

Banarasi was the saree for royal women.

Various kinds of sarees available in India

Here is a list of different types of regional sarees available in India:

From Gujarat: Bandhani sarees

Gujarat is one of the most famous states in India, and it has also given us a different type of saree like many other regions. These sarees are known as the Bandhani printed sarees. This saree is considered to be the bearer of good fortune as well as a bright future for every bride. Bandhani sarees are available in different patterns and hues.

The entire process of manufacturing these sarees is done by hand, and it is a fairly complicated process. They are also the signifiers of the cultures of both Gujarat and Rajasthan. The preservation process of these sarees is extremely intricate, and they are handled with a lot of care.

From Varanasi: Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are a world-famous attire for women. Originating from Varanasi and woven in silk, these sarees are loved because of their beautiful themes and designs. Initially, Banarasi sarees were only manufactured for royalty using silver and gold, but with time, different variations of this saree came up, turning it into one of the most celebrated sarees in India.

From West Bengal: Tant Saree

The list of different sarees from India will be incomplete if we don’t mention the infamous Tant saree from West Bengal. Predominantly available in red and white color, Tant sarees are the epitome of brilliance as well as elegance. You can easily notice a Tant saree from a faraway place due to its delicate and contrasting combination of colors.

Tant sarees are a must-add to the wardrobe of a Bengali woman. These sarees are made from cotton, which is why you can wear them even in humid weather. The manufacturing of the Tant saree can be traced back to the 15th century.

Although the traditional Tant sarees used to have heavy zari designs, in modern times, hand-printed Tant sarees have become extremely famous among women. These sarees are the favorite choice of Bengali women during the Durga Puja festival.

From Maharashtra: Nauvari Saree

If we look at the range of Indian sarees originating from the west coast of India, then Nauvari deserves special mention. The name of the saree, ‘Nauvari’ is derived from its total length, which is nine yards.

The draping style of this kind of saree is also unique because the ‘Kashta’ way of draping is highly distinctive and involves tucking the saree’s border into the rear. More importantly, this saree is considered the symbol of valor because its draping style resembles the style of the Maratha women warriors who used to ride horses and participate in wars.

Although the significance of this saree has not changed, nowadays, the Nauvari saree is used in marriages and other festive occasions. Pairing this saree with a shawl is a must for brides who want to look gorgeous in their wedding dresses. Due to its own distinctive styling, anyone can easily spot the women who are wearing the Nauvari sarees.

From Tamil Nadu: Kanjeevaram sarees

If we are to explain the magnanimity of the Kanjeevaram sarees in a few compact words, then we must use adjectives such as luxurious, vibrant, and regal. It is one of the most attractive sarees available in India and is famous all over the world for its fine texture as well as vibrant colors.

In the state of Tamil Nadu, Kanjeevaram has been traditionally used as the attire for brides, but with time, people have started to wear it on other special occasions as well. This particular saree is made from pure mulberry silk thread, which is also the source of its natural beauty and elegance. A signature feature of this saree that sets it apart from other types of sarees available in India is its gold hue.

There are also religious sentiments involved with the Kanjeevaram sarees, which mainly have been derived from fascinating mythical tales and temples. In order to provide an additional flavor to the drape of the saree, the pallu of the sarees comes with a distinct shade.

Final words

Apart from the above-mentioned sarees, there are also other types of sarees available in India, and they are equally famous among the masses. To be honest, you can consider India as the treasure trove of sarees because it is one of the most fundamental attire for women living in different parts of this country.