All WW2 bunker codes and locations in Warzone Season 6

bunker codes warzone season 6
bunker codes warzone season 6

There are fresh opportunities to acquire as many chests and loot as possible for each game on the battlefield with each new season of Call of Duty: Warzone. The layout has essentially remained unchanged, with the exception of the accessible bunkers, which have been updated to keep things interesting.

There may be new bunkers to find in hidden places, as the game’s creators indicated to its player community this season. Regardless, we’re convinced that if you can make it to one of the accessible bunkers, you’ll have a fantastic start to your Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 bunkers

With the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6, players will get access to three new World War II bunkers. There are no special codes necessary to enter these bunkers at this moment.

The new WW2 bunkers can be found in the following locations:

Head north to the Boneyard’s silos, which are located north of the Radar Array and the Airport Maintenance area.

Call of Duty: Warzone has information on historic bunkers.

Although the precise number of bunkers that can be opened this season has yet to be determined, you can rest confident that we have all of the warzone bunker codes necessary to open whatever ones are accessible.

The Warzone bunker codes are as follows:

  • Prison: 72948531
  • Park (nuke): 60274513
  • Park (nuke): 60274513
  • Park (nuke): 60274513
  • Park (nuke): 60
  • North Junkyard: 87624851
  • South Junkyard: 97264138
  • Farmland: 49285163
  • TV Station: 27495810
  • Park (nuke) : 60274513
  • Park (nuke) : 60274513
  • Park (nuke) : 60274513

Bunkers 01, 03, and 10 require access codes, or at least they did in previous seasons. Loot-able spots can also be found via keypad codes. Bunker codes are required to obtain everything. The TV station, the Farmland area, and a new location near the Prison on its southwest side are all lootable.

In a conflict zone, bunkers are essential. Original locations on a map

These bunker locations were previously available in an earlier edition of the map, so they’re the best places to start if you’re wondering which ones are still accessible. We’ve supplied brief descriptions to assist you to find them more accurately, despite the fact that they’re visible on the map:

Bunker 00 sits beneath the cliffside road, south of the Novi Grazna Hills. You must first descend the ledge and onto the road in order to find it.

Bunker 01 is located in the southern area of the Kart Racing Track. It’s near the intersection of the railway and the Barakat Promenade West Road.

Bunker 02 is on the same side of the road as bunker 01, but somewhat to the north.

Bunker 03 is located just above bunker 02 and should be easy to find from there due to its proximity to the junkyard’s north end.

Bunker 04 is located south of Gora Dam, nestled among the rocks.

Bunker 05. Between the accident site and the military base atop Arklov Peak is

Bunker 06 is on the map’s northern outskirts. To the east of Bloc 15, exit the road.

Bunker 07 is just across the Karst Bridge on the west side. It’s hidden behind a trap door on a winding, narrow road.

Bunker 08 is located to the west of Bunker 07 and is accessible through the steps.

Bunker 09 is situated above the Zordaya prison in the southeast corner of the map. Look for the cliff-side bunker beneath the bridge.

Bunker 10 can be discovered at Tavros Park if you look to the south.

Warzone Red access cards are required to enter the bunkers.

As you’ve probably noticed, not every bunker requires a special code to enter. However, there are a few bunkers that demand the prized Red Access Card. The Red Access Card bunkers house all of the people who don’t use codes. To be precise, bunkers 02 and 04-09

Trading with other players is another way to obtain these cards. If you kill another player who happens to be carrying a Red Access Card, you can take it and use it for yourself. It’s excellent if you can achieve it, provided the player hasn’t previously opened the bunkers for themselves.

How do I gain access? Bunker 11 is a bunker in the middle of a battle zone.

Earlier seasons of the game had a secret bunker that could be discovered on the Verdons map. The intriguing bunker No. 11 was here. You had to make a series of phone conversations and correctly decipher Russian communications. It was a demanding technique, but those who were willing to put in the work found it to be a lot of fun. Right now, it’s around Bloc 23 on the north side of the map.

The current map, unfortunately, does not have the same Bunker 11 mysteries as the previous one… or does it?

A secret bunker that appeared with the entrance of Warzone Season 3 may be discovered on the eastern side of the Factory, which is more identifiable by the Superstore just opposite it. Because the keypad is dead, it can’t be opened for now, but we expect it will light up in future seasons. It’s best to make a note of it on your map for the time being.

Keep an eye on things.

In this tutorial, we’ve shown you all of the necessary Warzone bunker codes that correlate to the current bunker map. If you utilize these codes, you’ll be able to access the bunkers and grab the treasures as swiftly as possible — assuming you don’t get slain first.

Keep a lookout for further hidden bunkers and treasure spots near the airport, the stadium, and the intriguing bunker 11, in case more secret sequences and phone calls arise. We will update this article if any changes to the codes, treasure, or bunker placements occur, so bookmark us for future reference.

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