Best Vastu Tips To Improve Your Relationship

mprove Your Relationship
mprove Your Relationship


Fights and differences in views are the most common between husband and wife. Astrology believes that this sometimes happens for certain planetary positions or due to Vastu Dosh. Your relationship may be affected by Vastu Dosh. Vastu Shastra is considered an ancient Vedic science of spaces. The study is significant to lead a stress-free and harmonious environment at home. A harmonious environment at home can cultivate love and enhance compatibility in a relationship. A reputed and well-experienced Indian astrologer near me can make your life better. You can get rid of troubles and friction.

Best Vastu tips to improve your relationship

  • If you want to lead a happy marital life, clarity of thought is most important to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Vastu experts suggest using blue or purple hues in the northeast direction of your home. It will ensure your prosperous marital life.
  • The kitchen is one of the most influential places to maintain a healthy relationship. Try to keep the fire elements in the kitchen in the southeast direction. It is considered the best way to ensure women’s physical and mental stability. You can use orange color in this direction as this color represents fire. 
  • The master bedroom in the house is the most important to lead a loving relationship among couples. Ensure to make the master bedroom in the southwest direction. The right direction of the master bedroom ensures a stable relationship. 
  • A relationship with your children can also influence your marital relationship. So, try to use dark blue or grey for the children’s room or guest bedroom in your house. It will strengthen your marital bond.
  • According to Vastu experts, try to choose soft or pastel-colored lighting for your lampshades. It will look attractive and also help improve your relationship. They also recommend using pink or light-colored sheets with florals to ensure happiness in your daily life.
  • The bed’s position in the master bedroom is equally important to Vastu experts. The bed in the master bedroom should be placed in the south region or southwest. Always try not to keep the bed between the two as it can lead to marital issues.
  • You must plan the right shape to attract good luck and positivity in your house environment. For example, the bedroom must be square or rectangular in shape. Always try not to plan an awkward layout with sharp corners.
  • A metal bed is not recommended by Vastu experts at all. A metal bed can disturb sleep and sometimes can be a reason for tension among partners. Instead, you must try to choose a single or queen size bed. Moreover, always try to avoid two beds or mattresses joined together to avoid problems in your marital life.
  • Always try to choose light colors on the walls. It will ensure a soothing and ambiance appeal. You can use pink or peach color in the southwest direction of your house.
  • A mirror that directly faces your bed must be avoided. It can cause strain in your marital relationship, according to the best astrologer in California
  • If you want a loving relationship throughout your life, make sure not to keep single status pieces or other things in the room. It may include a single duck or a single butterfly. Always try to keep them in a pair as they symbolize love.
  • The position of your head while sleeping is helpful to keep peace at home. Always your head should be in the south direction while sleeping. 
  • According to Vastu, computers, and TV are not considered good to keep in your bedroom. It can decrease the positivity within you while sleeping. If you have any such devices in your bedroom, cover all these devices with a cloth at night.
  • The northeast corner of the room is considered auspicious. Always try to keep this corner of your house and your bedroom clutter-free. Try to plant indoor plants with white flowers in the north corner. On the other hand, you can consider purple or red roses in the southwest corner to improve marital relationships.


So, with these Vastu tips, you can make your marital life more prosperous and cherishable. The right position of the bedroom and other parts and furniture in your house can influence your quality of living and happily switch your partner. A reputed Vastu expert can guide you better in learning about improving your relationship with your partner.

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