Things You Wish They Taught You in Business School

business school
business school

How would it feel if you are spending thousands of dollars on college but still not learning the most important lessons of life? Gut-wrenching, right?! And even if you get a degree and score a job, will it satisfy you, knowing that you are deprived of the life lessons? You have to understand that such lessons cannot be learned in a classroom. Instead, you would have to step into the field, interact with people, and make connections to unveil the secrets that are not taught anywhere. Therefore, it is vital for you to explore new opportunities, meet people from different cultures and experience the corporate world first hand. This article is going to list eleven things that you wish they taught you in business school.

#1. Self-Compassion

Working hard with passion and dedication is great but at the same time, you should know how to be kind to yourself. You should understand that it is okay to fail. There is no need to hate yourself just because something didn’t go your way. When you start to accept failures with integrity, it is then you would learn from your mistakes that will help you grow. Plus, you need to know how to encourage and motivate yourself. Also, you should treat yourself the same way you would like others to treat you.

#2. Respect & Appreciation

Many people don’t really appreciate what they have. They often complain about how they deserve to have more. Don’t be like those people! Here’s a rule of life that you should always remember; The more you appreciate the things you have, the more you will get. Students need to appreciate the efforts they put into ventures and projects. Similarly, employees must be appreciative of the hard work they do on the job. Moreover, you should be respectful not only to others but to yourself as well. Both appreciation and being respectful would help you spot new opportunities coming towards you.

#3. Read, Read & Read

You should focus on gaining as much knowledge as possible. Students don’t usually like reading textbooks but once they know the importance of them, they might form a second opinion. Books related to your field will not only enhance your knowledge but would also broaden your horizon. Genre such as psychology, history, leadership, and business will give you a lot of knowledge that you can not only apply in academics but also through the course of your life. Therefore, make it a habit to read often.

#4. Trust Your Gut

Most of the time people get involved in proving their worth to others and when someone approves of their personality then it could make one feel great. But this is not viable. The real way how you can feel satisfied is when you follow the desires of your heart. Also, you should learn to trust your gut. Handling a business is all about taking risks. So, the next time you are thinking about a decision to make, just think if it is your instinct and heart that is asking you to do it or your inner ego.

#5. Visualize Your Future

This is perhaps the most important business secret of them all! This means that whatever your vision is, you should be clear about it and then imagine yourself in that particular spot as that future self. You will be surprised that most expert and Olympic athletes do this as they train. But not many business students are aware of this tool. If you want to grow further, you would need to see yourself in that position. For instance, if you are planning to launch a business then start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur. This would help you attract openings and individuals who will eventually lead you to the life that you have always dreamed of. And with you picturing it, this would make you feel the sentiments as if you are already living that sweet life.


Life lessons cannot be learned at business schools. For this, you would have to go out and explore the world. These are just a few of the things which will help you succeed in life. Apart from these secrets, another is to spend wisely. This is why I carefully examined the Spectrum TV and internet price of different packages before I subscribed to the service. Also, if you do act upon this advice, then it will help you save a lot for your future!

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