How VSI Jaipur has the Best CA Result all over India?

How VSI has the Best CA Result

The best CA coachings can give the best CA Result. And through its best result each year, VSI Jaipur has proved that it is the best CA institute in India. In the latest CA Final result of July 2021, 81 of 100 students passed the exam who appeared from VSI. This shows the VSI’s amazing CA 2021 result pass percentage. Also, Garima Kothari from VSI secured AIR 8. 

All these selections and results were only possible due to the excellent mentorship, guidance, and strategy planned by the VSI. Moreover, the core strategy of VSI that helps students achieve the best CA result is timely course completion through exam-oriented classes, well-designed mock test papers, and personalized guidance. All these efforts made by the institute combined with the students’ hard work helped them secure good ranks in CA Exams. 

VSI Past Year Results

VSI Jaipur has the best CA exam results in India. It has secured seven times AIR 1 in the last ten years. Moreover, in the Jan 2021 CA Inter result, Girish Aswani from VSI secured AIR 1. Along with him, AIR 5, 8, 21, 27, 34, 44, and 46 were secured by the students. In the CA Foundation result also, many students cleared the exam in their first attempts. Similarly, every year, the students of VSI manage to ensure the best results.

How VSI gets the Best CA result?

Let us put light on the reasons why VSI Jaipur gets the best results every year,

1. Experienced Teaching Faculty

To teach its students, VSI has hired the best and most experienced teaching faculty. This implies that all the teachers have years of experience in teaching CA students along with giving such fabulous CA results. Hence, you will get a chance to be mentored by such an experienced faculty who will let you know the requirements and demands of the paper.

2. Timely Course Completion

While preparing for CA exams, students often fail to complete the course or syllabus on time. This is due to the lack of proper planning to cover the syllabus. At VSI, teachers divide the syllabus based on the ABC category. A minimum portion of the syllabus that constitutes the maximum questions is kept in the A category. That part of the syllabus that comprises minimum questions is held in the C category. And, the remaining portion is kept in section B. In this way, the syllabus is completed timely giving more focus on chapters that have more weightage. Also, it will give you more time for revisions. 

3. Best Study Material

VSI will provide you with the best study materials made by the respective experienced faculty concerning the modules provided by the ICAI. These study materials are made in simple language that the students can easily understand. All the formulas and explanations are simplified in the study materials of VSI. This ensures that students can study properly and achieve a good CA result in the first attempt. 

4. Well-designed Mock Test Papers

VSI believes that the mock tests contribute 40% of the role in the students’ CA results. A mock test helps them to be ready from the exam perspective and also learns time management. Therefore, VSI set well-designed mock test papers based on the ICAI syllabus and guidelines. Also, the past year’s CA questions papers were analyzed properly and also included while designing the mock test papers.

The CA Result July 2021 has again proved the importance of VSI mock test papers. Because of the regular mock test series, students get used to the exam-level pressure that helped them in performing better in the real exams. 

5. Regular Doubt solving classes

Even a single doubt can make a student confused about any topic. This is why VSI conducts regular doubt-solving sessions for students. This helps the students solve all their doubts and get a crystal clear concept. Apart from the doubt solving classes, the students can connect with the teachers on the private WhatsApp group to solve their queries.

6. Personalized guidance to each student

VSI Jaipur’s personalized guidance helps the most in achieving the best CA Result. VSI provides guidance to every student learning over there whether they are studying online or offline. Based on the results of the mock test conducted by the VSI, personalized guidance is given to the students. Moreover, they also get a study plan to perform better in the exams. Further improvement is also monitored based on the following mock tests.

VSI Jaipur has the best CA online classes in India, which also has all the above features. Other than that, the classes are conducted on a robust platform, that ensures uninterrupted lectures. 

Join VSI Jaipur for the best CA result

If we only check the CA result 2021, it is enough to prove why students are preferring this institute over others. So, if you also want to get the best results in the CA Exams, then you must need to follow the given steps to join the VSI CA classes,

  • If filling an offline form, visit the VSI Jaipur Institute and ask for a registration form. After filling the form, attach two pp-size photos of yourself with all the required documents and pay the registration fees through net banking, debit card, or credit card.
  • However, for the online process, you need to visit the official website of VSI and fill the registration form, submit all documents via mail, and complete the process by making the payment.

VSI Jaipur provides coaching classes for all the three stages of CA Exams, i.e., CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. The fee for each of the CA courses is as follows:

  • 45,000 for CA Foundation.
  • 83,000 for CA Intermediate (both groups)
  • 90,000 for CA Final (both groups)

Now, if you have any queries or doubts regarding VSI classes, you can contact on 7821821250, 9351468666, or you can fill out the query form on the VSI Jaipur website.


Therefore, the proper and well-designed strategies strictly followed by VSI help its students to secure the best CA result. This also includes the regular hard work of the students, which is further enhanced by the exam-oriented classes, mock test papers, study material, and personalized guidance of VSI. And the result of these all is seen in the CA exam results. So, if you also want to ensure your rank, then VSI is the ultimate destination.

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