How to Repair a Chipped Bathroom Tile

Chipped Bathroom Tile
Chipped Bathroom Tile

A luxurious flooring is one that is neat, clean, sparkling and also seamless. Regardless of how well you have cleaned your tile, if you have repaired a chip that is looking too obvious, the beauty of your tile disappears. Tiles easily crack with heavy impact. A cracked tile is often repaired using a spare tile, that leaves behind a color differentiation. In this article, we will guide you how to repair a chipped bathroom tile like a pro.

What are the Issues you Face if you Don’t Repair Your Cracked Tile?

Bathroom tiles can crack due to heavy impact or wrong installations. In the presence of a spare tile, getting cracked tile repair is not a big problem but in the absence of a spare tile, cracked tile repair can be difficult. You definitely cannot leave your cracked tile in the same condition because:

  • A cracked tile may harm someone walking bare feet because of the sharp or broken edges.
  • Cracked tile looks dirty, stained and spoils the aesthetic beauty of your homes and interiors..
  • Cracked tile has a tendency to stagnate water. Water gets accumulated in the crevices and mold and mildew breed in such water. If not cleaned immediately, this mold spreads all over the tile surface and also causes health hazards.
  • Certain contractors demand for a spare tile to do the cracked tile repair and it is often difficult to source an extra matching tile later. Even if you find an extra tile, the color differentiation between new tile and old tile becomes too obvious.
  • Cracked tile also leads to loosening of the nearby tile, thereby disorienting that flooring area. If not rectified immediately, all the other tiles may also come loose.
  • Germs and bacteria also find it convenient to build homes in these crevices and pits.

Cracked Tile Repair Without Replacing them:

If you do not have a similar spare tile and a few of your tile have developed cracks, then you might be really worried about getting a repair job done. It is often difficult to get a matching tile years later, when your tile has cracked because companies keep manufacturing new designs and shades.

Sometimes, even if you have a spare tile, the color of the new tile and the old tiles do not match, making it obvious that a repair job has been done in the area.

Here we have an excellent remedy for repairing chipped bathroom tile. pFOkUS’ Sentura is an excellent adhesive that can be pigmented in more than 40 colors, thereby enabling you to match your tile and grout.

Sentura -the Best Product for Cracked Tile Repair:

You can seal and disguise the cracked tile with Sentura – A two part pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy/resin. Sentura is not like other low-quality sealers or adhesives, nor does it look bulky like other fillers. It gives a sleek natural appearance and can be easily pigmented in more than 40 tile shades. This makes it possible for you to fill the crack in the shade of the tile. Once applied, it never pops off from the surface.

Directions for Using Sentura:

Here are the instructions mentioned to use Sentura to repair cracked or chipped bathroom tile:


  • Sentura Part A
  • Sentura Part B
  • Empty Container
  • Spatula for mixing


  • Pour all the contents of both the containers in the empty container and mix well.
  • Mix thoroughly in the empty container.
  • Put mixed material into the applicator bag.
  • Fill all the cracks and voids with Sentura.
  • Use water to smooth Sentura.
  • Sentura can also be used to fix a loose tile.

Important Tips About Sentura:

  • Sentura comes only in white color. It can be pigmented in more than 40 shades to match your tile shade as close as possible.
  • Sentura is also the best caulk replacer. Many people use Caulk for sealing shower corners. But caulk tends to peel off in wet settings and cracks in dry conditions. Sentura never pops out from the surface and protects the tile and grout from bacteria, stains and mold while delivering a lush natural look. It has a sleek appearance which does not damage the integrity of the stone like caulk does with its bulky lines.

Sentura is better than any other product available in the market currently. Not only Sentura, you can also find a large range of tile, grout and glass restoration products here. All our products such as tile and grout cleaning products, cracked tile repair products, tile sealing and tile polishing products are highly efficient for restoring your flooring. One of the leading stone restoration companies in the United States – D’Sapone only uses cleaners and sealers designed by us to get that awesome look.

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