Custom Retail Packaging: How Retailers Make Packaging Memorable for Customers to Remember the Product.

Custom Retail Packaging
Custom Retail Packaging

It is a retail trend that has been growing in popularity over the last few years: custom retail packaging. The retail industry, much like any other business, is always looking for ways to keep customers coming back time and time again.

With retail consumers demanding more unique products from retailers, it’s no surprise that custom retail packaging has become an increasingly popular option for retailers around the world.

The benefit of offering custom retail packaging as both an additional service or product line on your store can be seen in many different avenues; branding, communication with your customer base, and marketing are just some of these benefits.

Custom retail packaging is a growing trend in the retail industry. It’s used for many different reasons, but one of the most common is to make products memorable and stand out on shelves among other competitors’ products. Many retailers are now using custom retail boxes because they offer so many benefits that can help an emerging business grow!

Packaging is an important part of the shopping process. Packages need to protect your product and make sure it arrives safely at its destination. But there is more than packaging can do for businesses.

If you make packaging that is different than other brands, then people will remember it and think about it. This can be a good way to get customers.

What is product packaging?

Packaging is a way to show people your product. This can help them buy it more or less. You can also make packages that are interesting and creative, which will make customers happy.

Importance of product packaging

A recent study by Dotcom Distribution found that 40% of online shoppers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging, and the same survey also determined consumers feel more confident about upscale brands when they use premium shipping materials.

Touchpoints are important for online retailers to create a memorable brand experience and set themselves apart from competitors. However, this is more challenging because of the lack of physical touchpoint interactions compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Online retailers can overcome these challenges by focusing on what they do have available – customer’s time, website functionality & design, product selection options (e.g., free returns), communication tools such as email/social media marketing – in order to make an impactful impression with customers that will help them stand out among other eCommerce sites.

Types of product packaging

Kraft Boxes

One retail packaging option is the Kraft box. With its distinct brown color and rectangular shape, this type of retail package can be used for a variety of retail products ranging from produce to baked goods. This retail product container provides excellent protection against moisture, dust, and physical damage during transport while also allowing customers to view the contents within through clear windows or side flaps.

Custom Pallets

Another popular custom retail packaging option that has been gaining momentum in recent years among retailers is wooden pallets as containers for new products entering stores or warehouses. For example, Amazon recently made headlines when it started selling boxes with images of their logo on them – which some consumers have cleverly re-purposed into speakers. Some other examples include using cardboard.

Corrugated Boxes

Lastly, corrugated retail boxes are another popular choice when it comes to custom retail packaging. Although this type of retail container is also used for shipping purposes, its lightweight nature makes it a great option for retailers who want something that can easily be stacked and carried without weighing down workers with heavy loads.

Retailers make their products more memorable by using custom retail boxes so customers will come back after buying what they need – whether it’s groceries or household items.

Customers feel like the product was made just for them because each box has been customized specifically to fit the product inside perfectly! It creates excitement about purchasing new things, which leads to higher sales and customer loyalty as well. This kind of brand increases your company’s value

Double-walled corrugated boxes are the most common type of product packaging for retailers. They’re durable, don’t add weight to your packages, and can be recycled. You can also use a double-walled cardboard box in order to provide extra strength and durability–especially when shipping heavier items like appliances or heavy machinery!

How to create a custom packaging experience

Unboxing can be a great experience that engages customers, but it’s important to focus on the elements most likely deliver value. Choose 5 or so packaging solutions for small businesses and invest in those which will contribute towards these products feeling luxurious rather than wasteful.

What elements are needed to create a well-designed packaging experience? Which options should small businesses invest in for the best results?

Product packaging costs

There are several considerations to make when creating a custom branded unboxing experience. One consideration is the associated cost of these experiences, which can differ depending on your average order size and profit margins. You’ll also need to determine what options provide maximum value for you as well as your customers.

Custom boxes and mailers tend to be expensive costs involved in this process; however, there may be other aspects that offer more financial feasibility than others or better benefits overall with respect to time, price, etc.

Best product packaging examples

Packaging is usually what catches the eye of potential retail customers. It’s important for your retail packaging to stand out from competitors and attract attention in a positive way.

The retail industry has seen an increase in custom packaging boxes, which can help retailers differentiate their products with more memorable experiences for their retail customers.

Custom retail packaging is now offering consumers added benefits beyond just keeping purchases secure during shipping or protecting items inside the box as these extra features have increased consumer satisfaction in addition to brand loyalty.

Retailers may find it worth investing in custom retail packaging services that offer both tangible and intangible value on top of providing a better unboxing experience for buyers.

Make your unboxing experience worth remembering.

Custom retail packaging is a way for businesses to create boxes that are both good and memorable. It helps you protect your products and also makes it easy to deliver them. Custom retail packaging can make the difference between customers liking your product and not with extra things like bonuses or special features.

Custom-designed boxes may make people like your store. They feel good when they open up the box and find something that is special. This may make them like the store better than other stores on the market. This might also help them remember it and like it more than stores that don’t have good boxes.


The power of a memorable packaging strategy can have an incredible impact on your bottom line.

In today’s competitive retail environment, it is crucial that retailers make packaging memorable. Consumers are bombarded with so many messages every day – they need a way to remember the product and what makes it special.

It can be hard for them to do this if your marketing materials don’t stand out from the crowd or if you use generic packaging without any design features that will help consumers immediately recall your brand name when they see it on store shelves (or in their inbox).

‘Custom printing services company offers custom retail packaging services designed to get people talking about your company and products by using clever designs, unique shapes, and eye-catching colors. Your customers deserve an experience as rich as we’ve created here at our printing firm—let us show you how.

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