Different Assignment Styles a Student May Encounter During Their Academics

Assignment Styles
Assignment Styles

Writing an assignment can vary depending on the tutor who assigns it. Some assignments in which your instructor would be explicit on what needs to be written and in what order exactly. At the same time, there are some assignments that are quite opinion-oriented. These are the open-ended options where you must choose the right part to answer the assignment smartly. Of course, at any point in time, your tutor can offer the assignment help, but to ensure you don’t get stuck up anywhere, it is better to ask about the exact assignment style that the instructor is expecting you to work on.

Summary Assignments:

The name itself clarifies the purpose of this type of assignment. Your job is to summarize the source or title your instructor has assigned. The task may seem to be quite simple and straight work. You have to write in short form and summarize what the source talks about the specific topic. But there are so many advanced skills that a student can get by working on such an assignment that looks simple.

With a summary assignment:

l You will be able to differentiate between the minor and major ideas that a source offers

l You will have clarity about the purpose of the source

l It helps to understand how the paraphrase should effectively be created for the idea that has been stated

l It helps to capture the style and work on the features that would look distinguished compared to the source.

l You will understand how the key phrases should be identified.

Since this type of assignment talks about opinionated content, you will have to be extra careful while drafting the content. You need to ensure that your opinions are not personally written in summary. It has to be written in a neutral tone.

Defined-Topic Assignments:

Moving on next, most of the writing assignments that the instructor usually gives are defined as topic-based. It will be your job to address a specific topic and cover the aspects that would give knowledge to the reader. For example, a young girl is sitting at a brown table holding a history book in one hand. Well, it explains every action that the topics are doing. The professor would set certain parameters like reference style, sources style, and length, which would ventilation criteria. Your job is to state the assignment objective clearly. 

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While working on such an assignment:

l Use the right verbs, especially those focusing more on explanation, comparison, or election.

l Try putting every context in the sequence as the professor expects you to work on. For example, suppose, if it’s the social science assignment you are working on, then you have to cover the one side argument first, then the other, and finally come up with a compliance conclusion.

l Free writing can always be helpful since your focus will not get affected till you finish the assignment.

l At any point, if there is a doubt, ask for clarification so that your hard work doesn’t go in vain.


As said, with these types of assignments, you might learn many things which can help you in the future. But it is also important that before you start writing the assignment, you should get clarity on what type it is and the right person to guide you for this is your instructor. Then, you can share the ideas you want to present through the assignment and know if you are on the right path. Assignment writing can help students in many ways. It can improve the writing, learning, and research skills that a student can use in the future. 

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