Dryer Vent Cleaning – It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Every household in the US owns a dryer system. Where there is a dryer, we cannot ignore its maintenance. Homeowners are particular about lawn mowing, replacing air filters, and cleaning gutters, but they tend to ignore dryer vent cleaning. The prime reasons are people are unaware of the consequences and have a misconception that it is a complicated task. 

Dangers of Ignoring Dryer Cleaning 

A dryer vent is a canal that allows heat to escape into the outside environment. As the tube is hidden, people tend to ignore its condition. When the dryer works, lint from the clothes collects in its pipeline. Sometimes, animals and birds also leave the nesting material in the hose. It creates blockage and hinders the standard heat escape (during the cycle). It may lead to dangerous heat levels. It not only decreases the efficiency of your system but also risks your safety. An overheated dryer can be a significant source of a house fire. 

And if you have a gas-powered dryer in your home, this blockage may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. This unscented gas can seriously damage your health. In this case, you must immediately seek the help of a Dryer Vent Cleaning in Buford. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning – It’s Not as Difficult as You Think 

While Dryer Cleaning is an essential task, you must know that is it not as difficult as you perceive. Anyone can perform it in five simple steps. 

Step 1: Identify Your Ducts 

For thorough cleaning of your dryer ventilation system, you must know your dryer ducts’ exact location. It is essential to identify its starting and ending point. The majority of the dryer units have a small four inches diameter opening. This opening links to the wall’s located ductwork through an aluminum jostle or tube. The heated air moves along these metal tubes to gradually escape through an opening on the building’s external wall. 

Sometimes, the dryer exhaust links a duct at the bottom of a wall inside the laundry area. Placed in the building’s basement, it runs to an exit outlet at ground level. People usually cap the opening with a plastic cover that opens to allow hot air to escape. Otherwise, it remains closed to keep animals and birds away. 

Step 2: Safely Detach the Dryer Unit 

After you are sure about your dryer ducts’ starting and ending points, it is the right time to detach the dryer safely. You don’t need to panic, as it is a highly straightforward task and can be performed by an unprofessional also. It is true if you have an electric dryer installed in your home. 

The first step is to unplug the appliance from the wall vent’s primary power source. Next, you need to carefully remove the metal duct tape or locks that keep the dryer duct tube connected to the exhaust. If it is easier, you may only want to take off what binds the vent to the duct inside the wall. 

Experts recommend locating your dryer unit’s exhaust vent on the backside. After that, you need to pull the vent tube away from the wall duct gently. This procedure is easy if you own an electric dryer. You will be able to push the machine out of the way quickly. You will have more significant space to clean your appliance. 

The homeowners who own gas-powered dryers need to act more carefully. You should be cautious of not troubling the gas canal if you need to shift the appliance to another position.  

Like gas ranges, the fuel connection usually comprises a flexible steel pipe. The tube should be firmly attached, but it is highly recommended to play it safe. Gas leakages are risky and hazardous. If you cannot handle it, you must call a professional immediately. 

Step 3: Clean Thoroughly 

You should now have easy access to the dryer duct opening in the laundry room wall. When you remove the duct flap or cover, you can conveniently access the exit point as well. At this point, you will require an expert dryer vent cleaning kit. 

A dryer cleaning kit is readily available on the market or online at a reasonable price range. You can try to look for the equipment at your local Home Depot. A good quality cleaning kit is available for as low as $19. The kit usually comprises a lint brush tool, six supple segments (2-feet long). You need to connect these parts to form a rod that will extend to 12 feet. 

Some people whose dryer duct canals were long have been reported to purchase an additional kit. It doubles the reach and provides a hold-up brush head for safe operation. The end of the well-designed machine also fits in the typical power drill clamps. When equipped, you will rotate the brush with high speed and power. 

You need to insert the brush end of the shaft into the ductwork and identify the highest point to enter. The main idea is to take advantage of gravity to clear out the clogged debris. Starting from the outside of the home may also help in easy cleaning afterward. 

When you spin the shaft, you need to push forward the brush as far as possible. It will enable you to reach the other end of the duct. It would help if you were mindful that this procedure might require a few attempts. The attempts depend on the number of twists and turns your ductwork might have. 

If the ducts are infested, you must immediately call an Air Duct Sanitizing in Buford. 

Step 4: Reconnect and Reorganise  

Suppose you are cleaning your dryer ducts after a long time. You should expect a flood of lint emerging out from the wall. To clear the lint and debris removed from the appliance, you will need a broom, dustpan, and dustbin. It will help in easy cleaning. 

After this, you need to carefully shift back your dryer unit in its original position and reconnect it to the power source. 

After things are clean and tidy, organize the room. Place everything back into its original position, except for one item. If your dryer has been equipped with a soft foil-like vent connected to the wall duct, you must throw it away. You must know that these hoses are a significant source of fire. You can consider replacing it with an original semi-rigid vent that features durability and the best service. 

Step 5: Perform a Trail and Give Yourself a Pat 

Indeed, dryer duct cleaning requires hard work. Hence, to be sure that your hard work has paid off, you need to perform a quick post-cleaning trial. It will ensure that your dryer is clean and ready for efficient performance. 

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