Fashionable women’s jackets 2021 – trends and novelties of the season


Spring is coming, which means you can throw off bulky down jackets and heavy fur coats. They are being replaced by lightweight, elegant and practical jackets. Even if you don’t like this garment, BAON recommends including at least one model in your wardrobe. Because fashionable jackets in the spring of 2021 in Moscow and all over the world are indispensable.

Trendy colors for spring 2021

Not only spring, but the whole year promises to be hot and multifaceted, since everyone will find colors to their liking in the fashionable palette:

  • neutral beige tones;
  • pastel range: peach, blue, lilac, lemon, coffee, lilac, light green tones;
  • juicy colors: green, blue, turquoise, pink, red;
  • classics in the form of black and white combinations.

One of the current trends is print. In the spring, fashionable women’s jackets will be relevant both in large and small cages. Multi-sized peas gradually migrated from dresses to outerwear and are in high demand among designers. Stripes, leopard and other animalistic prints, as well as floral motifs remain in trend.


Fashion for jackets in the spring of 2021 is impossible without oversized oversized models. This versatile clothing is suitable for people of any body size, since it does not fit the body and does not emphasize the imperfections of the figure. But with the help of a free style, designers are able to create beautiful silhouettes.

The aesthetic feature of the cocoon is that visually it does not look bulky and heavy. Thanks to the streamlined and smooth shapes, the figure looks more fragile and delicate. Such a model successfully masks large hips, a fuzzy waist or extra pounds that appear during a long winter.

Not sure which women’s jackets are in fashion in spring? Take voluminous models with asymmetrical details, wide hemlines, massive hoods. All this makes the cocoon jacket stand out. If necessary, you can make the oversized model more fitted, for this purpose there is a drawstring or belt . This top is suitable for both office and casual wear.


It is hardly possible to come up with a more comfortable and practical jacket than a parka. That is why women’s fashion for jackets in the spring of 2021 did not bypass this model, which wanders from season to season. And women of different ages, fields of activity and physique choose her. Fur trim adds sophistication to parkas, and mid-thigh length makes them as comfortable as possible in any weather.

In the spring, the fur can be unfastened and replaced with a beautiful scarf. The park will be useful to all lovers of casual style, sport chic, street style. Combines successfully with faux leather peplum top and boots.


In the top trends for jackets in the spring of 2021, a bomber must be included. The style of these clothes is borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. But the model has taken root in the women’s wardrobe, acquiring many variations. It has become especially popular in the field of sport chic, when knitted dresses with sneakers are complemented by a sports bomber jacket .

This spring, designers propose to take a fresh look at this fashionable spring women’s jacket, decorating it with floral prints. This item is easy to combine with pencil dresses, floor-length skirts, tunics and leather pants. Models will be sewn from leather, satin, velvet, and decorated with embroideries, prints, sequins, stripes.

In the new season, shiny bombers and sweatshirts in the spirit of the 70s will also be popular. The last variation was especially fond of fashionable fashion bloggers and street style adherents, who have already posted hundreds of photos with original images on social networks. It turned out that these jackets go well with shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts and even heels.

For an office style, you can pair a white shirt, a fitted skirt, pumps or boots with a black classic bomber jacket.

Leather bombers will complement romantic looks in summer and autumn: a light chiffon dress, a silk top with a skirt.

Fashion for spring jackets without fail includes a crop bomber. The jacket looks good with skirts, dresses and jeans. The emphasis should be placed on the texture of fabrics and materials.

Quilted jacket

Quilted models have been at the top for several seasons. Spring 2021 will provide an opportunity to admire them further. The assortment includes elongated and shortened solutions, jackets in the form of coats under a belt, as well as models made of velvet, denim and even leather.

As for the colors, metallic variations will be trending. Silver and golden colors go well with loose fit, oversized models, and notes of masculinity. You can combine fashionable spring jackets with leather trousers, knitted dresses, high-rise skirts and massive boots.

The modern quilted jacket offers a loose fit to make it easier to combine with other items. If we have a short model, it is better to give preference to the oversized style. For an elongated coat, you can choose a fitted model under the belt.

As you can see, the fashion for jackets in the spring of 2021 is multifaceted. Everyone will choose a model in which they will feel comfortable and look stylish. You can find and buy many of the latest novelties in BAON stores.

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