Influence of Fragrance on Human Psychophysiological Activity

Psychophysiological Activity

Human mind is a vast subject leading from nostalgia to trauma every tiny bit details ligers in our subconscious. So the influence of fragrance on human Psychological remains the topic of scrutiny for many researchers. It is an acknowledged narrative that fragrances affect our mood and emotions. Olfactory system is the one that controls it all. So, olfactory scenes have an aspect to evoke a scene of emotions in our subconscious.

Here is a brief take by me to scrutinize the impact of fragrance on human psychophysiological activities.

Scents and Nostalgia:

Among the five scenes bestowed upon us the one that contributes most in the recollection of memories is the scene of smell. This phenomenon of recollecting memories is inculcated into the nature of man. The God made connection of brain is responsible to trigger or retrieve the emotional information or memories. As vast as the human mind is it has made different compartments for different memories. And scent gets associated with the the strand of nostalgia. There are places and people from not only from our childhood but also from adulthood that we commemorate on the basic of the scents and smell we remember of them. Hence, on inescapable aspect of scent on human Psychophysiological activity is that it is linked to nostalgia.

People are criticized and categorized based on scents they wear:

As petty as it sounds, this narrative cannot be neglected that people are judged and remembered on the basis of their body odor and the perfumes and scents they wear.

“Perfume is a story in odor, sometimes a poetry of memory” Jean-Claude Ellena

The scents and fragrances we wear tell a lot about our personality. When we whiff a scent with light notes or floral bases on a man as per our cultural norms we categorize that man as relatively “less masculine” similarly if a woman is wearing a scent with stronger base notes such as best perfumes for men she would be tagged as “less feminine”. The scents we wear stays longer in the memory even long after we are gone. Also, if you smell good, it leaves a satisfactory impression on people. As much as we try to ignore and advocate otherwise the fact that people are judged, criticized and remembered on the basis of the scents they wear and the body odors they possess cannot be denied.

Scents affect your behavior:

Human psychology is directly linked to scents which implies on how we act and behave if I am wearing a good scent and it has captured my heart so much for me to invest in it regardless of the price. When I will wear it I would feel extremely confident as if any task I intend to do will be executed. Souk Galleria is offering Kastoori musk attar that is packed with pure Mysore sandalwood oil; this scent has a very warm, spicy, woodsy earthy aroma and every time
I wear it this exceptionally intoxicating fragrance makes me feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

Smell good, do well:

Different religions across the globe such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism have a profound significance of scents such as bakhoor in them. These scents such as incense bakoor can help a lot in uplifting your mood. When you smell good you feel good and as you feel good you do well. There are different aromas such as lavender bakoor that can help in relaxing and relieving anxiety. There are certain fragrances that help to calm your mind and body. There are scented candles that when lightened in the room instigates aromas that are good for health.

Scents and Emotions:

There are many factors that contribute hefty when it comes to but fragrance. Surveys have proved that as much as the real scent of the perfume matters men are still drawn towards the appearance and presentation of it which means that they fall for looks. As for the women when it comes to buying perfumes they are drawn towards the scents that trigger them emotionally. So, dear men, take notes here. The perfumes you wear notify a lot about you and your personality and hence women are attracted towards you on the basis of the perfumes and fragrances you are wearing. And so the old saying is justified yet again “the better you smell the better you attract.”

Scent and Mind:

Living in 21st century, a millennial mind is scattered all over the place. It’s a rare moment when it is free of all the worldly worries and relaxes although it has been recommended by the doctors that mediation puts the mind at ease yet somehow that headspace is hard to find as you meditate. So, there are different scents and incense that helps the mind to relax when you mediate. This almost and unachievable goal of a relaxed mind can also be easily achieved by just staying in the bed five minutes longer than usual closing your eyes and just relaxing as you mediate as there is a rosemary bakhoor lightened on your room to calm your mind. A clam mind will help you to have a good and productive day ahead it acts as a head start.

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