How can the Shoot-A-Way Gun 12K help you take “The Best Shot”?

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What makes shoot-a-way a trusted choice is the meticulous approach taken up by the manufacturers during the making of this machine. They take care of every little thing to ensure the best user experience for their users. Gun 12k is the latest model of the shoot-a-way series “The Gun.”

“The Gun” has already won millions of hearts and players’ faith, and gun 12K is just a feather in the hat. Loaded with exemplary qualities, gun 12k makes gaming so much more interesting and attainable. The precision provided by 12k is unmatchable to date. Shoot-a-way has overtaken many big giants likedr dish shooting machine pricein manufacturing and distributing basketball products.

Gun 12K- The Game Changer

Basketball is a game of accuracy. Accuracy in shooting enhances the chances of winning. Gun 12K is an expert among all the other existing basketball shooting machines. However, a separate level of training is required to master the use of this gun. The gun might backfire because of the lack of skills, and the players will eventually lose the game. Ultimately failing the purpose of it. Online videos and instructions must not be solely preferred to learn the tactics to use them.

Gun 12K is believed to be a game-changer because it is the first gun in the world that is loaded with extreme new technologies. Nothing is old or outdated. And yet, it is suitable for both conventional and nascent players. First thing first, the assembly of the gun 12k is very easy. This means that there is no need for an expert handler to begin playing with it. Just follow the module and complete the process of installation.

Ruling the field with Gun 12K

With gun 12K, the whole floor is yours. Now ace the game floor without any hurdle as this gun allows up to 1200 programmable locations. You don’t need to worry about leaving the important spots as almost the entire floor is covered by gun 12k. Your sole task is to strategize and touch the desired location. Once you press the screen, the ball is going to get automatically dropped. Later, if you wish to change the location, this can also be done with utmost ease. Just drop and drag your ball towards the new position. Not only this, the players can roll and pass too, following the same procedure.

Another great asset of using gun 12k is its real-time server. Yes! With gun 12K, it is now possible to track every step of your game all by yourself and while you are playing. The shoot-a-way gun provides a real-time server opportunity to prepare statistical data regarding your progress. You have your scoreboard right in front of your screen while you are in the game. This gives you the chance to improve your movement immediately.

Feature Benefits for the Trainers

There is no doubt that the Gun 12Kbasketball shooting facility is a boon for players, but it is also very beneficial and convenient for trainers. In case of emergency or absence of the trainers, the players don’t need to suffer anymore. The trainer can make his videos and upload them to analyze and learn without any hurdle. Tracking and comparing the performance of the players is quite easy and effective this way because the errors can be pointed out by zooming in on the screen. Hence, gun 12k is a good choice not only for players but for the trainers. As at the end of the day, both of them are serving the game itself.

Players can use the facility to watch workouts through videos and even jot down their strengths and weaknesses and work on them. The videos can be played at any point time of the day.

The exemplary specifications

All in all, the gun 12k is an ideal choice for gamers considering the outstanding features. But let us now know more about the specifications.

  • Firing frequency-

Now, this is what makes the gun unique from others. None of the shooting machines built before 12k own the capability to fire at the rate of 1800 shots per hour. This increases players’ precision duringbasketball shooting practice drills,but the changes of goal also go higher.

  • The facility of one-piece construction-

12k is facilitated with a one-piece construction feature. This enables the balls to roll through any standard doorway without any issue.

  • Equipped with Speaker System-

Now, this is not relevant to the game but is an attractive feature of this gun. You can connect your phone with the speaker system. And play with higher enthusiasm.


Ever since the launch of gun 12k in the market, it has remained the top choice for this game’s people. Likedr dish basketball shooting machine, there are other companies,who claim to provide the best facility. However, the shoot-a-way has taken care not to disappoint its customers. Nothing promised by shoot-a-way regarding gun 12k is left disappointed.

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