How to Fill Name in Canada Super Visa For Parents and Grandparents Application


The Super Visa is a temporary resident visa that allows parents and grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to enter Canada for five years without having to renew their status.

To apply for a Super Visa, you’ll need to submit some essential documents. These include your complete name, date of birth, and Canadian address.

Birth certificate

Your parents and grandparents can visit you in Canada on a super visa if they’re invited under the family sponsorship program. This will give them a temporary status that they can use to meet with you and your family for visits up to two years. However, if they want to stay in Canada permanently, they’ll need to apply for permanent residence under the family sponsorship program and it could take several years for their application to be processed.

To get started with the application, you need to collect the core supporting documentation that will prove that your parents or grandparents meet the eligibility criteria for a super visa. This can include a birth certificate, marriage or death certificate, and other documents that prove their ties to your country.

If they’re married or if their partner is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can also submit a letter of invitation from this person to demonstrate that the individual will be responsible for your parents or grandparents. This should include details about the relationship between the sponsor and your parents or grandparents, the number of people in their household, and a promise to keep them for the duration of their visit.

As well, you need to provide a few documents that will prove your parents or grandparents’ income levels. These can include their Notice of Assessment (NOA), tax returns, T4/T1 forms from the previous year, employment Insurance, pay stubs or other evidence of their income.

A letter from their employer, confirming their job title, company name, date of hire and salary is also required. This will help the immigration officer verify their ability to support themselves while they’re visiting Canada.

Lastly, you should provide your parent’s or grandparent’s health insurance document to show they have sufficient medical coverage while they’re in Canada. This can be purchased from a Canadian insurance company or a designated foreign provider that’s valid for one year.

Once your parents or grandparents have all the required documents, they can begin the application process online. IRCC will send them instructions on how to fill out the online application. This will also explain how to submit the additional supporting documents you’ll need to provide.

Marriage certificate

The Canada Super Visa for parents is a multi-entry visa that allows parents and grandparents to visit Canada to reconnect with their children or grandchildren. It is valid for 10 years, which means they can return to Canada many times within that time frame if needed.

In order to qualify for the Canada super visa, you need to provide a few important documents. First, you need to fill out the application form completely. This includes providing your full name, address, and phone number.

Secondly, you need to fill out the application with details about your family. This includes your spouse and any dependents you have, as well as the people you plan to sponsor.

You also need to write a letter to the immigration office in Canada stating why you want to apply for a Super Visa. This letter must include your legal status in Canada, your plans to stay in Canada, and how you will support your parents or grandparents during their time in Canada.

Finally, you need to include a document from your child or grandchild that shows they are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You will need this as evidence if your child or grandchild’s income needs to meet the low income cut-off (LICO) threshold for the Super Visa.

A marriage certificate is a legal document that proves two people were married and the date of their wedding. It may be required for a variety of reasons, including establishing legitimacy of a child, in divorce proceedings, and as part of genealogical research.

The certificate is issued by a local government official in the state or territory where the ceremony was performed, and it generally lists the date of the event, the names of the parties involved, and the registrar’s signature. It can be obtained for a fee, and some states require applicants to appear in person.

You can get a marriage license at the county clerk’s office in the city or town where you live, and it usually only takes a few days. It is best to research the rules of your home state or territory.

Death certificate

A death certificate is an official document issued by the government that lists the date, time, and cause of a person’s death. It is essential for many purposes, including applying for pension benefits, claiming life insurance, settling estates, and arranging a funeral or cremation.

It can also be used as evidence for a variety of genealogical research purposes. If you’re looking to trace your family tree backwards, a death certificate is a great starting point because it’s one of the last vital records an individual generates in their lifetime.

When it comes to applying for a death certificate, there are some specific requirements that must be met in order to obtain a certified copy of the record. The exact requirements may vary between states, so it’s important to check with the appropriate state authority before attempting to order a copy.

Some states, such as New York, allow anyone to request a death certificate, while others require that it be provided to relatives and legal representatives. If you’re not sure what information is needed to get a copy, consult this resource from Everplans to find out the laws in your area.

In New York, the Health Department issues death certificates for all deaths that occur in NYC (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island). These documents are required before a burial or cremation can take place.

If you need a death certificate, you can get it online or in person from the New York State Department of Health. You can also request copies through VitalChek, which is the only vendor authorized by the NYC Department of Health to process these requests. However, you should be aware of unauthorized vendors that charge high fees to assist with the order.

Another way to get a death certificate in New York is through the local coroner or medical examiner. You can find these offices online, and the procedure for requesting a certificate is simple.

You’ll need to supply a variety of supporting documentation when requesting a death certificate in New York. You’ll need to include the name of the deceased, his or her social security number, birthdate, and other personal information. You’ll also need to provide a form of identification, which can include a driver’s license or passport.


The super visa for parents and grandparents program is a great way to get your family members into Canada for a visit. Unlike the visitor visa which allows for up to six months of stay per trip, the super visa allows you to stay for as long as you want. This means that you can visit more often than you could on a visitor visa and it also gives you the opportunity to re-enter Canada as many times as you like within 10 years!

Getting the right visa for your parents and grandparents is important because it ensures that they can travel to and from Canada without having to worry about being denied entry. This is especially helpful for those parents and grandparents who are from countries that require them to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) when they arrive in Canada.

It’s important to know that these two types of visas have different requirements so you need to make sure that you meet all of the necessary qualifications before submitting an application for either one. This is why it’s a good idea to talk to a professional immigration consultant before starting the process. So, How to fill name in Canada visa application is not a mystery.

You must submit the following documents when applying for a super visa:

First and foremost, you will need to provide proof that your parent or grandparent is a citizen of Canada or has permanent residency in the country. This will usually mean that they have a birth certificate, marriage certificate or other documents naming them as a citizen or permanent resident.

You should also include a signed letter from your child or grandchild inviting them to come to Canada. This letter will need to include their name, address and date of birth. If your child or grandchild is a spouse or common-law partner then you will need to have a letter from them as well.

The next document that you will need to provide is proof of medical insurance coverage for at least one year from a Canadian insurance provider. This will help to ensure that you are covered if anything were to happen while you’re in Canada.

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