3 Tips for How To Maintain And Protect Your Supercar


Almost everyone has a dream of owning and driving one of the supercars. I mean who wouldn’t fancy driving a Ferrari or a Porsche? Therefore, if you’re one of those lucky ones who happen to own one, this article is definitely for you.

Driving the car of your dreams is something that we all desire. And if you live in Dubai, then there are fat chances that you can buy one from the dealers who have used cars for sale in UAE. Since Dubai is the biggest supercar market within the Middle East, you can find the top UAE supercar dealers in this emirate.

However, your responsibility doesn’t end once you have purchased a car. You have to care for its maintenance so that it can serve you for a long period. In this article, we have discussed some handy ways using which you can easily care for your car like a pro. Read on to know more!

1. Caring for the Exterior

Buying a supercar involves a huge amount of capital and to protect your investment from going down the drain, you’ve to care properly for your car. In order to ensure the longevity of your supercar, you should keep its paint and alloy rims in top shape.

You must wash it after every 10 to 15 days but normal car washing isn’t cut for cleaning supercars. To make your ride sparkly clean and luxuriously shining, you should clear away all the dirt before washing it.

Prior to starting washing your supercar, clean its exterior and inside by removing the dirt by hand. After this, you can start washing the car from the top, move towards the body and tires. Then, you should clean the mirrors and the windows. Once you have completed the wash, wax your car.

How frequently you should wash your car depends directly on the weather conditions of your areas. For instance, here in Dubai, you should wash it at least fortnightly. Likewise, you should also clean your car’s interior, use leather wipes to clean your seat. However, to prevent wear and tear of your car’s seats, you should occasionally condition the leather.

2. Looking After Your Car’s Engine

An engine isn’t just the powerhouse of the vehicle, it’s the heart of your car. Therefore, caring for its health is important. Make yourself familiar with the manufacturer’s maintenance policy and guidelines especially if you’ve bought a brand-new car. Because most new cars come with a maintenance package that offers fixed-price services over mileage or for a time period.

Similarly, you have to care for your car’s parts and get them serviced regularly to keep your car in the best possible running condition.

A super custom car wraps brisbane is one of the most powerful pieces of automobile that you can find. So, you have to ensure that the parts you are going to use are the best ones as per OEM and professional maintenance standards. Regardless you’re running a classic car from the 80s or 90s or a brand-new one, getting it serviced from accredited shops is imperative.

Look for a well-reputed and registered service shop in your area and take your car there for your regular maintenance. A pro tip that I would like to share is that if you own a classic supercar, then getting it serviced from an independent specialist will be much better than dealerships. This is due to the fact that dealers tend to deal more with newer models. One of the most powerful components of automobile that you can discover is a super custom car wraps brisbane.

3. Caring for Your Supercar’s Bodywork

Most modern-day cars have water-based paints that are more environmentally friendly. Even though these paints are greener but they aren’t that resistant to road elements and are easily damaged. Resultantly, most dealerships offer paint protection to their customers as an add-on maintenance service for the supercars. The paint protection is actually a ceramic coating that is meant to protect and preserve the original paintwork of the car. This added layer of protection over the car’s exterior protects it from everyday weathering, traffic pollutants, and birdlime.

You will be shocked to know that how much damage can the acidity of bird droppings, chemicals in the air and brushes of the carwash, and even microscopic particles suspended in the air can do to your car’s paintwork. Therefore, spending a little bit as a preventive measure is always better than the massive damage one has to face later-on.

These are some of the things you must Keep in mind before you buy any of the exotic used cars in Dubai. Because driving one of them is indeed a pleasure but you must know how to care for them too.

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