How to Stay Ahead of Competition on Amazon?

How to Stay Ahead of Competition on Amazon (2)

Competition is a fact of life. It might not be evident to you, but there are always competitors trying to beat you at everything that matters to your business. Your goal, then, should be to stay ahead of the competition by learning how they operate and what strategies they use. One way to do this is by doing some research on your competition. This can take time and energy but it’s worth the effort—and we’ll show you how below!

Identify the competition and track their progress.

To stay ahead of the competition, you should look at the top 10 products for your keyword, the top 10 sellers for your keyword, the top 10 products for your category and so on.

This will help you get an idea of how many competitors are there in each level and what kind of customers they are targeting. For example, if a seller is selling a product that’s not even related to yours but is ranking pretty high compared to yours then it means they might have better sales copy or reviews than you do which means they might be doing something right.

Analyze the competition.

To stay ahead of competition on Amazon, you need to figure out what your customers like, what your competitors are doing, and where you can improve.

The first thing to do is to find out everything there is to know about your competitors’ products and services. Use tools such as Google Analytics and which give you insights into their marketing strategies and tactics so that you can use them in your own campaigns.

Next step would be analyzing the performance of each product/service listed under competitor’s brand name in all search engines including Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), Bing SERP, Yahoo SERP etc., along with Amazon’s organic listings & Ads on both desktop PCs & mobile devices including smartphones or tablets using Chrome browser on Android phones or iPhones/iPad using Safari browser from Apple Inc., etc..

Apply what you learned from analyzing the competition to your strategy.

Now that you’ve analyzed your competition and have a better idea of what you’re up against, it’s time to apply what you learned to your strategy.

  • Improve your product.

If the reviews are bad or there is no demand for a certain product, then maybe it needs a makeover. Maybe there’s a reason why customers aren’t buying from your company: maybe the product isn’t good enough or maybe customers aren’t sure where to find it. Either way, keep improving until people are happy with their purchase or can easily find what they want in your store.

  • Improve marketing strategy:

The more traffic and sales you get through Amazon’s search engine optimization tools, the better chance you have at being seen by potential buyers browsing around for specific types of products (like yours!). If there are other sellers on Amazon selling similar items as well as other online retailers selling similar items alongside yours outside Amazon’s marketplace (for example), then this might be an effective tactic!

Create a winning strategy that includes Amazon SEO, PPC, pricing, products, and so on.

To stay ahead of your competition, you need a winning strategy. If you want to sell on Amazon, make sure your strategy includes Amazon SEO, PPC and other factors such as pricing and products. The following will help you create an effective approach:

  • Build up authority. Your product pages should be optimized for search engine results so that customers can find them when they’re searching for keywords related to what you sell. When someone searches for something specific in their browser or on a mobile device, Google uses its algorithm to rank the most relevant websites at the top of its results page (known as SERPs). If your website doesn’t show up when someone searches “product name” or something similar then no one will know about it – which means no sales! So if people are looking online they won’t necessarily just randomly stumble upon ecommerce sites; instead they’ll go straight through Google because we know that’s where potential buyers go first when researching purchases before making any decision based off price alone.”

Make use of paid advertising on Amazon to increase sales & visibility of your product.

  • Paid advertising on Amazon is a great way to increase sales and visibility of your product.
  • To set up paid advertising, you will first need to create a campaign by going to the ‘Campaigns’ tab in the dashboard of Seller Central.
  • Once you have created your campaign, it is time to set up keywords so that Amazon knows which products should be shown under your adverts. Choose relevant keywords based on what people search when they are looking for products like yours. You can use Google Keyword Planner or other tools such as CamelCamelCamel if needed.
  • After setting up keywords, it’s time for bids! Set an amount per click (the maximum you are willing to pay) and add some budget so that Amazon knows how much money it can spend on promoting your product before reaching its daily limit (the default value is $1). The more often customers click on these ads and buy from them, the higher their relevancy score becomes which allows them better placement in search results and lower costs when bidding for keywords later down the road!

Understanding how to stay ahead of your competition will help you dominate the market and grow your business

To win in the Amazon marketplace, you must first understand your competition.

To be successful on Amazon and remain competitive in the long-term, you need to have a clear understanding of how your business stacks up against the competition. You can’t win if you don’t know what they’re doing!

Understanding how to stay ahead of your competition will help you dominate the market and grow your business over time. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create an effective strategy that will allow your company’s products or services to stand out from those of other sellers in similar industries.


In the end, the takeaway here is that Amazon is a competitive market place and staying ahead of your competition means knowing what they’re doing. You need to be able to analyze their strategy and identify any potential weaknesses in order for you to take advantage of them. This will help ensure that your product stays ahead in sales numbers and visibility within searches so customers can find what they want when looking for products similar to yours. By using these tips along with our other articles on how to stay ahead of competition on Amazon (such as pricing strategies), then you’ll be well prepared for success!

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