How to Use Class 10 CBSE Board Term 2 Sample Papers in the Term 2 Exams Preparation

How to Use Class 10 CBSE Board Term 2 Sample Papers in the Term 2 Exams Preparation

8 out of every 10 students have already viewed the sample papers for class 10th issued by CBSE on 14th January 2022. Various publishers have also published their own sample papers based on the CBSE’s latest sample papers. Experts have been talking about the benefits of this unique tool in the class 10 term 2 exam preparation. But, the speculation among the students as to how to use the sample papers still persists.

Today we will share with you the strategy to use sample paper during class 10th term 2 exam preparation.

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The right way to utilize the sample papers of class 10th is given in the strategy below-

  1. Complete the syllabus thoroughly. During the class 10th term 2 exam preparation, first of all, ensure to cover all the subject wise syllabus. Know the basic concepts and prepare concise notes from various CBSE books.
  2. Hone your knowledge about each topic. Practice solving questions from CBSE question banks and improve your hold of concepts.
  3. Set an exam like environment. After you are confident about your preparedness of term 2 syllabus, set an exam like environment. Make a table-chair arrangement in a well-lit room if possible. Keep your necessary stationaries and other equipment and set a timer of 2 hours.
  4. Solve sample paper within one sitting. Now, in the exam-like environment try to solve one sample paper at a time.
  5. Behave as if you are in the exam hall. Try to maintain the discipline that you follow in the exam hall. Do not roam around sit idly and solve your sample papers WITHOUT CHEATING.
  6. Track your performance. After solving the sample paper, try to analyze your preparation and keep a track of how you have improved your performance over several sittings of solving sample papers for class 10th.
  7. Solve several sample papers. Take several practice tests through Sample Papers for 10th Boards in exam-like environment and challenge yourself to perform better in each sample test.

Summing Up

Sample papers for class 10th may be bought first but must always be solved at last!

Solving sample papers for class 10 without completing the whole syllabus will not do any good as you are not familiar with all the concepts. But, you can take the help of CBSE sample papers for class 10th to estimate the time (according to the weightage) you have to devote to each chapter during the revision.

Hope this blog helped you to understand how to study through CBSE Sample papers for class 10th.

Best wishes for your term 2 preparations!

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