Definitive Guide To Introducing Your Cat to The Outside

introducing your cat to the outside
introducing your cat to the outside

Introducing your cat to the outside world can especially for the first time, sounds a bit scary. It is not easy for cat owners to let their cat go out alone and the first-time experience can be the toughest. Talking about the cats on the other side, they love spending time out and wander freely to explore new things.

You cannot always bound your cat to stay-in, you have to give her some freedom to go outside and see the world on her own.  To make this experience normal and less horrifying, what you can do is take few precautions for your cat’s safety.

First thing’s first, follow these necessary tips to allow your cat to go outside:

  • Make sure your cat is vaccinated
  • A neutered will be more beneficial
  • Put your identity with your cat

The one question that might arise here is how to leave your identity with your cat when she is outside. It is very simple you can attach anything to the cat’s collar that shows it is your cat. Some sort of identity card, or even your home address. So, in case your cat got lost or someone finds her that person can bring it back to you.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind and take special care of is to protect your cat from germs, bacteria, or even fleas.

How to protect your Cat from Germs and Fleas?

It is very common in cats to catch germs and even fleas quickly. If your cat is going out you have to take extra care of it. The best way to protect your cat from fleas is to use the best flea & tick collars for cats & kittens. Such collars are specially designed for cats and kittens to overcoming this type of incident.

Your cat’s protection and safety are top priorities when you allow her to go outside. The use of technology or the chemicals in cat collars protects the cats.

Other than that, to protect your cat from germs what you can do is sanitize your cat before leaving the house. After that, when she returns home wash her hands and feet, sanitize her to make her free from germs.

The small little steps can make a big difference and such small steps can be a great help to maintain the good health of your pet. So, if you want to keep your cat healthy while she is enjoying then these little things can be helpful.

When to Let your Cat Out?

After you have prepared your cat to explore the outside world the next question thing is to figure out when is the perfect time to let your cat go outside? Whether you own a kitten or an adult cat it is very important to let them out when they are grown up.

If you have a kitten then the ideal age to allow him to go out is at least 5 months. At this age, the kittens have completed all their vaccinations and they will be fully protected when they go outside.

Whereas for the adult cats you should wait at least two weeks to allow them to go outside. The reason you have to wait a couple of weeks is to give your cat a suitable time to adjust to the environment.

Which few tips can be helpful while letting your Cat outside?

The thing you should work on before sending your cat outside is to provide complete training to your cat. Train your cat to return home because it is very important and you do not want your cat to leave or be lost.

Use different tricks and tips to teach your cat and one more important thing that can be helpful is to provide your cat indoor training. Indoor training will be a great help for you and teach your cat to come to you upon recall. Training is necessary before you allow your cat to go outside.

The next important step you can take is to keep track of the time when your cat leaves the house. Give your cat at least 30 minutes to stay out and explore things. If your cat does not return at that specific time then you must look for her. Also, do not allow your cat to go far away from set the boundary as minimum as possible.


If you are introducing your cat to the outside world for the first then it must be a scary experience for you to let your cat out alone. Cats love freedom, as a cat parent, you should also respect that and provide your cat with everything. Few tips that are described in this article will help you let your cat out for the first time.

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