Is Cuelu Legal? Cuelu Reviews 


Do you prefer traditional therapies? Do you want to try out some new skin-improvement techniques?

Cuello, a website that offers such services, may have piqued your interest. However, you’re not sure if it’s genuine.
Because of this gateway, many internet users in countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia became wary about Is Cuelu a Scam. This article will go through the legality and trustworthiness of this website in great detail.

Is it legal to use Cuelu?

If you have any questions regarding the site’s legitimacy, please review the following facts.
Website age – it was just a few days ago. A website’s trust score is 1%. This comes into the category of “Very Low Trust Score. “No Owner or Contact Information – The owner’s information, such as a phone number or an address, is missing. This is related to the Cuelu Review. Customer evaluations the reviews are all five stars and appear to be slanted. Some of the evaluations were written prior to the launch of the portal. No social media integration — There is no social media integration on this website. Fake Policy Terms – The policy information was taken from another source since it includes terms like “Insert “and “Add,” which the website’s creators failed to notice while pasting. Virus Found — Our Internet investigation found that this website has been compromised with potentially harmful malware. Continue reading to find out more about the authenticity of the portal and to submit your inquiry. Is Cuelu a swindle?

What is Cuelu, exactly?

Cuello is a skin-care e-commerce company based on the traditional Chinese medicine Gua Sha. This process involves scraping the skin using stone-like implements to enhance the look. Cuelu sells the Gua Sha facial lift equipment as well as the de-puffing face roller.
• Portal Type- An e-commerce platform that offers items based on conventional medical procedures.
• Email Ids –
• Whether you don’t have contact information for Cuelu, you’ll be able to tell if he’s a scammer.
• Sort by Choice (if applicable)
• Option Filter Isn’t Available
• By default, product prices are shown in USD, but they may be adjusted to CAD, INR, GBP, AUD, and EUR.
• The Terms & Conditions stated above
• The Privacy Policy, which has already been addressed.
• There isn’t any indication of a payment policy.
• Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard Debit, and Credit Cards
• Return Policy: Within 30 days of delivery, returns are allowed with a $10 restocking charge.


Although the “Guidebook” section of this site has no redeeming characteristics, it does contain some information concerning the use of stones for skin treatment.


Shopping on this site offers a slew of disadvantages, confirming the suspicion that Cuelu is a rip-off. The following is a list of comparable items:
• You can buy two items at the same time for the same price.
• The discount will cover the total cost of the goods.
• According to the return policy, certain products, such as flowers or combustible chemicals, are not returnable. These goods, on the other hand, are not dealt with by them.
• As indicated at the bottom of this page, no copyright has been issued.
• Because of its low trust score and shortage, it is difficult to trust this portal.
• The before-and-after photos in product evaluations appear to have been manipulated.

Cuelu Reviews may be viewed here for more details.

Quora and Trustpilot, Reddit, Amazon, Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora have all left Cuelu with 0 comments. This demonstrates its lack of dependability and appeal in the internet sector.


This website is not secure, according to all of the information we’ve obtained. It is not recommended that you utilize this gateway to place product orders. It’s possible that you’ll be a victim of credit card fraud. Is Cuelu a swindle?

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