Is It Possible To Sell A House Without An Estate Agent

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Some real estate investors believe hiring an estate agent can be a costly business. Since you want to get the highest return on your investment, hiring a realtor for a commission is off the table. Now here’s the caveat to selling your house without a realtor, you must get it done yourself! Is it possible to sell your home without a real estate agent? Read on to discover not just the possibility but how to sell a house without an agent in LA.

Over the years, home sales have changed drastically. As of 2012, over 1.8% of the sale price was handed over to the agent in return for handling the entire process involved in selling a home. The method of valuation, taking photographs, listing online and in-branch, and supplying a sale board, are some of the things you pay for. Can you sell a house without a realtor in LA? Of course, but you must be ready to put in the work!

Today, that figure lies between 4% and 6%. The commission rates of real estate agents cover for their involvement from on-set of the sale to closing. At this point, many sellers become skeptical in their minds wondering if they can do a better job. So, is it possible? Let’s review a few tips that will help you on how to sell a house by owner in Los Angeles.

How To Sell A House Without An Agent In LA

There is not much difference between the process involved in getting a home sold, just that you now have to do the work yourself.

1.      Make the house sellable

Since you will be selling without a realtor, you should try to make the process easy. In other words, make your house ready for sale as much as you can. You would be surprised at the state sellers leave their houses. Now, this shouldn’t bother you if you are selling as-is. But for someone looking to attract buyers, this is something you must look into.

Buyers do not want to come into their potential new house and see your clutter. They want to see the rooms (stage if you can but do not go beyond your capability). If there is anything that will prevent buyers from seeing the house in good condition that will push them towards making an offer, remove it!

Usually, the kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that can traditionally sell houses. So, if you think of adding some touches to these rooms, be careful how you go about it. Unless you are ready to do an exceptional job remodeling these rooms, just clean it up and make it look appealing. Don’t go beyond replacing a few broken fixtures or paint jobs over hideous wood paneling.

2.      Set a price

Now that your house is set, your next job is to set a price. This is where you would typically require the expertise of an agent since they have a perfect understanding of the market. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot do an excellent job at setting a price. Real estate agents are in the habit of placing high, unrealistic sale prices just to get you to hire them, only to dash your hopes of earning huge profits. This does not have to be the case always. What you do not realize is no matter how high an agent raises the asking price on your house as a potential sale price, the market cannot be manipulated. Thanks to the internet, you can obtain information about the prices of similar houses in the area and settle for a price on yours. There are web models that can be useful in evaluating comparable properties. Knowledge of comparative market analysis is what agents use in settling for a price; you do the same!

3.      Write a description

Are you decided on a reasonable price? The next thing is to put pen to paper, conjure a few tempting words and cause buyers to walk in through your front door. All you have to do is write a few lines about your home to attract buyers to your property. Do not make the mistake of revealing too much information than needed. Keep it concise and also informative. The kind of content that really had buyers anticipating showings. Although narratives aren’t given the same attention as internal photos, you never can tell which buyer is reading through; give it your best.

4.      Take the best photos

If you will learn how to sell a house without an agent in LA, you must be able to do several things on your own. One of such things is taking quality pictures. Photos are pointless – and even counter-productive – if they aren’t a perfect pictorial representation of your house. Importantly, you are trying to sell your house, so use good pictures of your house. And not some random, good-looking image on the internet.

Furthermore, buyers are interested in seeing the different views from the house, its surroundings, etc.  If your house is a modern one, you should take lifestyle shots showing the other bathroom fixtures and fittings. Also, try to capture pictures of the communal living areas and the gorgeous view of the front. Some decent garden shots, looking both to and from the house, can also be of good help.If you do not own a camera or know how to take excellent shots, you should consider hiring a professional photographer.

5.      List the property

Advertising, pricing, and viewings are part of the process you will have to handle yourself. It’s a different ball game if you know an interested buyer. However, if you don’t, you can use “for sale by owners” websites. You do not have to pay commissions to sell properties; these websites make money via targeted advertising and optional services. The goal of advertising is to reach a large audience till you find a suitable buyer. So, you cannot overlook the importance of the internet, even in the housing market. Although, it would be a grave mistake to neglect more traditional methods such as advertising in your local paper because of the internet. After the property has been listed, you need to arrange viewings; upon receiving offers-negotiate and work towards closing.

Questions like “how do I sell my house without a realtor in la?” shouldn’t bother you again. Now that you have some selling a house without a realtor requirement be sure to maximize them. You can get your property sold if you put in the work.

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