Make your time in Maldives fun-filled with these 10 things!

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Does the Maldives even need an introduction at this point? We all know the answer to this. But what we don’t know is that the Maldives is much more than simply a place to unwind oneself. There is no denying the fact that this set of islands is the place to be if you want to forget your worries and relax but apart from that, this place is buzzing with activities to make your holiday fun-filled. To help you plan your Maldives tour package a little better, we have listed some recommended activities below.

Maldives Island hopping

The accommodation facilities in the Maldives are spread out across numerous islands. Usually, one resort is based on one island. But if you wish to experience as well as explore the true geographical beauty of this place, then you should definitely opt for island hopping. This will enable you to witness the hidden natural gems of this place and one’s trip is a waste unless and until the beauty of the place is witnessed in its raw form. All you have to do is book yourself an island-hopping tour and sit back to enjoy the rest that will follow.

Meet the locals

It is always intriguing the understand the culture whenever you visit a foreign land. This will satiate your curious soul in understanding the lifestyle of the locals and also how would it be like to actually reside there. For all this knowledge, all you need to do is meet the locals. Step out of the island dedicated to your resort to go and meet the locals in common residential areas. They are friendly and welcoming.

Try surfing

 While we might have seen those good-looking swimwear models surf in the tropical regions with ease, we have always wondered what it would be like to do so. The Maldives gives you a chance to try that as well. A lot of popular islands over here offer training to teach a beginner how to surf and help you understand how to tackle the waves and find a balance amidst it all. Imagine floating through the waters like a superhero! Book yourself a training session with expert teachers who will teach you the techniques of surfing and also help you experience the same.

Visit the spa

The purpose of a vacation is to take a break from all the hassles of the everyday hustle and use that time to rejuvenate so that you come back to your routine all refreshed. What better way to get rid of all that fatigue other than a spa session?! Don’t forget to make the most of the spa within your resort by booking yourself a session in advance so that there is no chance of missing out on it. There is nothing guaranteed in life apart from just this, that you will be guaranteed to come back feeling lighter post this session.

Dinner on the beach

Playing in the waters at any tropical destination is something we all look forward to but what if you could enjoy a scrumptious meal by the waters? This experience offered at Maldives is surreal in the truest sense and no description can do justice to it. Resorts generally set up a candlelight dinner by the shore with your favorite delicacies and private seating so that you can enjoy the sound of the waves, and the cool breeze blowing your hair, and have a delicious meal with your loved one.

Explore white sand beaches

 If you have always marveled at those spic and span white sand beach pictures on Pinterest or Instagram, then this is your chance to make those virtual images come to life right in front of your eyes! The white sand beaches in the Maldives are literally picture-perfect because the beauty here is immeasurable and these beaches have also been maintained really well. Press your toes into the sand and simply look over the infinite view that lays out in front of you. This is also your perfect opportunity to recreate those popular Instagram pictures!

Explore the capital, Male

It is highly possible that you might be so engrossed in absorbing all the tropical beauty around that you might slip out on exploring the capital of Maldives, Male. A densely populated island in this region of the Indian Ocean, Male is where rich culture and art reside here. It is popular for its colorful buildings and intricately designed mosques. The Islamic Centre is where you can find everything at once and it also has an iconic gold dome worth watching. While you’re here, take this opportunity to explore the local market and also hog on some fresh fruit to be found here.

Try Maldivian cuisines

If you’re going all the way there, then it’s only valid to relish the local cuisine of any new place you are visiting. Hence trying Maldivian cuisine should be next on your list. Also known as Dhivehi cuisine, this kind of food is about taking inspiration for their dishes from the nature around them. This is why a majority of their main course relies solely on the raw meat available in the ocean. If you’re a seafood lover, then this land will be a paradise for you!

 Spot dolphins on a sunset cruise

Dolphins are popularly known to be one of the most adorable creatures that coexist on this planet! No person has ever come and said that the hype around these animals isn’t worth it. Hence spotting them in the ocean while you’re there is absolutely unmissable! Take a sunset cruise from the shore and they’ll take you toward the deep side of the waters where you can see dolphins leaping around!

See bioluminescence

This nighttime phenomenon is a marvel of nature that will leave you spellbound! Bioluminescence is something that can only be witnessed in exotic waters like the Maldives. In this, there’s a vibrant blue glow in the water which flows as per the current of the water. It looks like glowing stars are floating around you!


Maldives tourism has gained a lot of popularity as a tourist destination around the world and for all the right reasons. Thus if you’re planning to visit this set of islands, ensure that you make the most of it and have a gala time there! Come back with memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. And pictures that will make everyone on your social media envious of you.

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