Must-see Places in Tallinn

Must-see Places in Tallinn
Must-see Places in Tallinn

Tallinn might not look like a big city, but it takes a long time to explore everything there is to see. The historic district, the Baltic Sea embankments, the numerous museums, the castles, palaces, towers, and churches… Every visitor to Tallinn is aware of where to go and why they should go.

Telliskivi Creative City

Anyone who periodically visits a capital city is aware of the amazing trend of converting dilapidated factories into vibrant, sizable cultural hubs. The Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn also offers such a place. Here you can find what is referred to as modern art in all of its forms.

The property and buildings of Creative City host exhibitions, and in the evenings there are theatre productions, music concerts, and even creative evenings by well-known Estonians. Numerous intriguing cafés, rest spots, and shops with similarly inventive handicrafts from emerging local firms are present.

Fabrik Restoran

Gourmets and those who enjoy trying new foods should not miss the Fabrik Restoran, which blends unusual, somewhat unpredictable food with a wide variety of standard and exotic drinks and a chic environment. Locals frequently stop by alone and highly recommend the establishment, thus it is preferable to reserve a table in advance.

There are many options for food on the large menu. You may get a wide variety of sweets, Scandinavian cuisine, and innovative takes on classic European foods. Every dish has a unique ingredient that you’ve probably never eaten before: strange sauces, unusual ingredient pairings, and a medley of flavours.

Nu Nordik

Since Estonian brands are not widely known, they are difficult to locate. not in Tallinn, though. Nu Nordik is a chic, contemporary studio that sells goods made by regional vendors.

People who wish to buy something for themselves or their houses as well as bring along unique keepsakes for friends will love Nu Nordik. Local youth producers make a wide range of handcrafted goods, including clothing, accessories, jewellery, tableware, décor, vinyl records, wall clocks, cosmetics, and much more.

Tallinn City Gallery

The City Gallery is not your normal city gallery with the best artwork created by regional painters over the course of several centuries and drab tour guides on top of that. Instead, it’s a public area where you may view largely contemporary artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photos, and installations. Many of them are not only unrelated to the classics but also highly challenging and unorthodox. Interesting enough, the expositions vary rather frequently.

Chado Tea Shop

Every city has unique locations that attract locals for years because of their ambiance, cosiness, and calibre. In the centre of old Tallinn, there is a place called Chado Tea Shop. The professionals will teach you how to correctly brew tea and, more importantly, how to enjoy it. You may find a variety of teas from across the world here.

Bibi Pagar

Check out Bibi Pagar, a home-made bakery that everyone in the area adores and frequently visits if you’re missing warm, fragrant sweets. There is a large selection of sweet croissants, pastries, biscuits, cakes, puffs, and savoury pies. The prices are really reasonable, and everything is always fresh.

Must-see Places in Tallinn

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Tallinn offers tourists a wealth of positive experiences and unforgettable emotions. And studying historical references will enhance the future experience of visiting this amazing corner of the Baltics.

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