Renting a Villa in Dubai? Here Are the Pros and Cons


Whoever wishes to make Dubai their new home, the emirate allows them a bunch of options to pick from in terms of rental property. They can also find some gorgeous villa for sale in Dubai.

The villas in Dubai are some of the most gorgeously designed living spaces in the UAE enveloped by open spaces and lawns. They are more popular among those who have big families, desire to live a lavish lifestyle and enjoy their privacy.

Having said that, these spacious living spaces are quite expensive. Therefore, most people opt for rental villas. If you are also taking this route you need to consider a lot of factors before finalizing one. Above all, you must know about the benefits and drawbacks that come with this option.

To assist you to make an informed decision, we have made a list of the pros and cons of renting a villa in the emirate.


Here is a list of the advantages of renting a villa:

Spacious Living

Since villas cover a large area everyone is available with plenty of room. Villas are specially-designed residential units that come with a storage area, terrace, and maid’s room. Moreover, there is a separate dining and living area. That is why villas are ideal for bigger families.

Commodious Rooms

As said above, villas are built over a large area. That’s why all the rooms in villas are spacious, be it the living room, bedroom, guest room, or even the bathroom. If you rent a villa, you can rest assured that you will not face any issue in terms of space.

A Lavish Lifestyle

Dubai is known for the luxurious homes and lifestyle the residents live in. The villas are no exception either. From their basic structure to their design, they are all about elegant living. Moreover, living in a villa allows the residents to enjoy numerous facilities and amenities of a luxurious living. The best part? The residents don’t have to share these with anyone else as it happens in shared communities like apartments. Every family enjoys their facilities independently.

Villas are in Demand

Recent studies have revealed that compared to studio apartments and others. People asked about villas more when the world was going through a global lockdown. People restricted to small apartments/homes found them too restricting. More people realized the importance and need for bigger residences.

For those people who have settled here with families and practice social distancing as well, renting a villa allows them to have space to live comfortably, have ample space, and ensure social distancing protocols.


Here are some of the drawbacks of choosing villas for rent in Dubai:


One of the main factors that prevent many people from renting a villa is the expenses associated with it. The rent for villas is on the upper side. As the living cost in Dubai is high already, it is difficult for many to afford the rent. However, the comfort and luxuries that you enjoy in a rental villa are surely matchless. They justify the high rent.

One thing that you can do to look for villas that are located at some distance from the city. Most of these communities happen to be self-contained. You won’t have to face any troubles as far as the necessities are concerned.

However, you may have to suffer from the hassle of commuting if you don’t own a car.

High Maintenance

Villas are big spaces. And due to that, their maintenance cost is high. Since villas are large, it is not possible to clean every nook and cranny on a daily basis. If you can afford it, you would need to hire help for the cleaning.

Nonetheless, the point that works out in your favor is since you are interested in renting, the landlord could help with the maintenance while you have to take care of the cleaning.

As you can see the advantages of picking a villa to rent out of the Dubai properties certainly surpass the cons. Living in a villa lets you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle complete with amenities and privacy. It all boils down to your budget and either you can afford to live in a villa.

Rather than doing it all on your own, hire the services of a reliable and experienced real estate agent to help you out with the process whether it’s an apartment or a villa. They can apply their skill and knowledge and speed up the process of finding a rental property for you according to your needs and budget.

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