Skip Hire costing guide 2021, Things to know before hiring a professional skip hire company.

hiring a professional skip hire
hiring a professional skip hire

There are times when transporting trash to the landfill is just tiring, and it’s easier to hire a skip. In other situations, such as a complete home renovation, sending a skip is a hassle.

The best thing about askip hireis that apart from filling it out, most of the hard work performed for you. However, there are a few tricks you need to follow to avoid hidden costs and minimize rental costs.

Know the size you need

One of the most important things to do before hiring a skip’ is to determine the size you need. There are various sizes to consider. Mini skips are the cheapest, but be careful as they are a little too small.

Skip dimensions

Skip Mini

At just few meters away, it is the smallest skip and holds between 40 and 45 medium-sized household skip bags. It is 1.29 m long and 1.29 m wide and almost one meter high. Rents range from £ 90 to £ 130 per week, with prices slightly higher in London.

Medium Skip

The 8 meter jump is the most popular and holds 80 to 90 trash bags. 3.66 m long, 1.68 m wide, and1.22 m high. Weekly rental fees are between £ 200-250 and London prices up to £ 275.

Large skip

That 12-yard skip offers more space – averaging between 125 and 135 medium-sized skip bags. It is 3.7 m long and 1.78 m wide, 1.68 m high. Prices vary widely across the country, with London passing the rental fee to £ 387. Outside the capital, you can expect to pay between £ 250 and £ 340.

Avoid prohibited items in your skip

If you don’t want to pay fines and surcharges, avoid including limited items in your skip even if you are tempted to hide them. Landfills will pass through all waste products and immediately signal all items that shouldn’t be there.

Items that are normally prohibited include electrical appliances, computer and television screens, asbestos, cans, drywall, tires, batteries, and refrigerators and freezers. Businesses may also have their own additional limitations. So it is best to make sure you get to know them before agreeing to any hiring.

Don’t exceed the weight limit

Skips have a weight limit so that collection vehicles can safely lift and remove the skip bags from your property. It’s important not to mess up the jump for a variety of reasons, including possible fines and the frustration of having to pull things out to lighten the load.

In general, smaller skips, such as 8 types of yards, can be filled with heavy objects. However, larger gaps may have limitations. For example, a 12 meter skip can only capture 60% light objects and 40% heavy objects. If you are unsure, ask the skip hiring company for material you are throwing away for proper advice.

Be careful with long time rental skips

While it may seem like a good idea to rent skip from the company indefinitely, it actually costs a lot more. After all, the company has so many rental skips. It is best to choose a company like Clearabee that offers skips for one to two weeks. Doing this often costs a few pounds for each additional day, but it can still be cheaper than renting indefinitely.

Cut costs by Home clearance

Lastly, there may be situations where you don’t need skip at all. House cleaners deal with removing trash from the house and selling it; After all, one person’s trash was another’s treasure.

Clearing companies often export materials, furniture and other goods for free. It is worth considering as an option as you may not have to rent the skip at all and still have a lot of unwanted materials and items thrown away.

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