The Future of Disruptive Technologies and Supply Chain logistics

Supply Chain Logistics
Supply Chain Logistics

Technology in the supply chain domain has advanced by leaps and bounds and it has changed the entire scene of the logistics industry. Supply chain and logistics are complex domains. These usually involve multiple complex procedures with the help of different technologies. We can see that disruptive technology has shaken up the supply chain logistics industry.

Some of the disruptive technologies which helped increase the efficiency of the logistics industry are:

Internet of Things

IoT is one of the major disruptive technologies because it has the potential to transform not only specific areas of the supply chain system but also transform the end-to-end supply chain management.

We can see technologically equips objects with sensors for collecting, transmitting, and exchanging data. We can monitor the supply chain industry from the beginning till the very end. This technology is especially useful in inventory and warehouse management. Employees are now equipped with devices for viewing and managing the inventory in a logistic firm. It has also improved reporting of the raw materials in a firm. It is available for future needs without manual counting.

Use of Drones

Drone technology has shaken up the commercial business with its usage and popularity. Short-range drones are today available to make contactless deliveries. So, drones have carved a new path in the supply chain logistics industry.

3D Printing

3D printing is a major disruptive technology like drones. Advanced 3D technology is mainly used for manufacturing and creating goods without human intervention. This will reduce the need of importing expensive goods and save the company expenses. 3D printing expedites the entire supply chain process as it requires limited space and reduces manpower.

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Automated driverless vehicles

Every big technology giant is trying to tap the automatically driven vehicle market. This technology can disrupt many industries if properly implemented. That’s why Tesla, Apple, Google, and many other companies are investing in this technology. An unmanned vehicle can serve for 24 hours around the clock with the least expense. And, the delivery of goods and services will be much faster. Self-driving cars with the help of AI and automation have helped in achieving new levels of safety, quality, and efficiency in the logistics industry.

Robotics in Logistics

Robotics in the supply chain logistics industry and are hugely popular. Robots are hugely popular as they can work alongside people and learn through experience every day. They can handle tasks precisely and give error-free results which can immensely improve the supply chain of a company. In the future, more companies will include robots in their workforce to do various tasks like loading and unloading of trucks, packaging, inventory checking, delivering orders, and many more.

There’s no doubt that disruptive technology is here to stay, and it will drastically change the logistics and supply chain industry. These changes will improve the tracking of inventories and increase warehouse efficiency. As a result, this process cuts down the costs and reduces the time for production. Robotics enable faster delivery and the supply chain industry is eagerly waiting to implement them.

They have re-imagined the transportation sector by incorporating disruptive technologies in their process. This techno logistic provides seamless shipping and transporting solutions and have a good amount of experience.

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