Video gaming is one of the online and offline platforms that enhance the capability of humans. The gaming industry has been increasing day by day for many years. After the inauguration of the 4G network, the number of gamers has increased. Now we have a 5G network hence video gaming is emerging. A massive increment has recorded after COVID-19. According to a report by PWC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022-2026 “Gaming content is the primary contributor to VR revenue, taking in US$1.9bn in 2021. This should increase to

US$6.5bn in 2026, 85% of total VR revenue”. The people interact with one another and have fun.

Video gaming is a floor where the youth get connected globally. Video gaming plays a vital role in overcoming stress. Studies show that video gaming decreases anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health problems. Some people play video games when they get over breakups because video games keep them engaged minds and make them focus on games. Currently, there are a lot of games which can improve the skill of a child and play a leading role in cognitive development. Video games improve decision-making and how to make a plan. We can ask that it is a practice for practical work. Moreover, video gaming improves the communication skill of people and how to work as a team with a different type of the nationalist. We can learn different languages through gaming. There are a few games where people can earn with fun. Therefore, I have gone through these experiences and made many friends through video gaming. According to my experience, these are the main advantages which can be achieved through playing video games.

  • The child can improve communication skill
  • The video game helps in making the decision
  • Video games build confidence among the people
  • Safe way to play from home
  • Video games improve the leadership skill
  • Video games allow learning from mistakes
  • Video games help to get rid of stress
  • People can earn through video games
  • The video games make brave
  • The video games improve IQ level

I was fond of video gaming and spent most of my time gaming. The video games helped me a lot.

Another side is that video gaming has hampered the youth and wasted time and money. The human is cut off from the real world and become addicted to video game. I have seen people who spent more time on video gaming. The youth spent more than 10 hours daily. It is very dangerous because video gaming is not a real life. We can see successful people of the world who did their job in the real world rather than through video gaming. Life is beautiful we should enjoy it out of video gaming. Playing video games can make you happy for some time but it

cannot make your career. We should observe the world through our own experience because world is colorful. Frequently, playing video games is very harmful consequences. The fighting games will boost you anger. These games will affect your personality. Your personality will become aggressive. I have noticed these disadvantages of video gaming.

  • Waste of time
  • Problems in relationship
  • Health issues
  • Completely isolation
  • Loss of study/poor academic or professional performance
  • Addiction
  • Away from nature
  • Aggressive attitude
  • Problem in sleeping
  • Food digestion problem
  • Weight gain
  • Leak of a balanced diet

Moreover, video games affected the result of the students like mine. I faced several issues like health problems. I became lazy and useless due to video games. My personality was also affected highly. Whenever I saw my exams result I was shocked because my grades were not satisfying. I realized that now enough is enough. I have to improve my academicals performance. I need to be a good person. I decided to improve my grades and help needy and poor people. I saw a few homeless people then I helped them. I provided them whatever they needed. I felt some different. I noticed they were praying me. I saw they were happy. My little contribution made them glad. We should not forget that in this world millions of people starving and forced to live a life in the absence of basic amenities. They have insufficient resources to survive.

One day, I was going to shopping I saw some homeless people. They were suffering due to shortages of food, clothes, shelter etc. I started to help them. Again I felt something different. That feeling satisfied me and made me happy. I have seen tears in the eyes of homeless people when I helped them then I got happiness and satisfaction. They prayed me again. I felt their happiness. Now, I have realized that I am on the right track. The duty as I have chosen is more pleasurable than video gaming. Further, I work also on the awareness of mental health. I help the needy and homeless. I also help those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress etc. I have found my work; duty and passion serve the humanity. I became a philanthropist. Now I am always ready to help humankind. If you need help regarding mental health then ask me. It will be a pleasure for me to help you out. Furthermore, if you have any question about my journey contact me without hesitation. I will try my best to respond you as soon as possible. These are my social media accounts where you can contact me. Thanks

“Life’s persistent and most urgent question is “What are you doing for others?”

(Martin Luther King Jr)

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