The Importance of Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Carpets make for cozy, comfortable additions into any room, especially in rooms where you appreciate a soft underfoot the most like bedrooms, lounge areas, and dens. However, carpets require thorough cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good condition, which can be difficult to do when you don’t have the proper tools to clean them.

You can always avail professional carpet cleaning services at for all your carpet maintenance needs. Professional carpet cleaners can easily get the grime out of your carpets as they have the proper tools and equipment to bring back the color and fluffy texture of your carpets!

But why is carpet cleaning so important? For one, carpet fibers can carry around all sorts of dirt and allergies from daily use. Depending on the type of carpet material you have, these fibers can also be home to irritating pests that can bite you, as well as damage your carpet. Here are five top reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned:

1. Keep your carpet looking fresh.

Cleaning any piece of furniture or fixture regularly keeps them looking new, and the same goes for your carpets. Carpets generally catch all the dirt, dust, and debris that falls to the floor, and the fibers of the carpet hold debris in place which makes thorough cleaning more complicated than just vacuuming or sweeping.

Most carpet cleaning companies will recommend that you have your carpets shampooed every now and then, with high-traffic areas needing a thorough cleaning more frequently than low-traffic areas. If you have carpets in your office, you may need to have them shampooed once a month to keep the color, look, and texture of your carpets!

2. Your carpets will last longer.

Dirty carpets will easily deteriorate. Mold can grow and feed off of the organic material embedded in carpet fibers, while bacteria will eat away at the fibers and floor adhesive until the damage is irreversible. Cleaning your carpets makes them more durable as cleaning is a part of proper carpet maintenance.

Plus, you’ll get to preserve the quality of your carpet, as well as the color and odor. When you have your carpet cleaned, you are not only removing the dirt, you also remove any potential dangers to your carpet material and your home. Any microorganisms that feed off your carpet fibers can also feed off other home furnishings as well.

3. Less allergies.

The dust and dirt that accumulates in carpet fibers can be made up of different materials from pollen to dead skin cells that fall off the body. Other allergens include animal fur and dander, miniscule construction debris, and more that could cause rhinitis to those immunocompromised individuals.

By having your carpets cleaned, you are minimizing the concentration of allergens in your home – which is exceptionally important considering you may have a child or household member that gets allergies frequently. Lessen the allergies, and take proper care of your own health by cleaning your carpets thoroughly.

4. Less susceptible to carpet mites, fleas, and other parasites.

Fleas, bed bugs, carpet beetles, and ticks all love carpets. This is because the fibers give them the perfect hiding spot to grow colonies, and any moist spot is prime real estate for these pests. If you have pets, then the likelihood of getting fleas and ticks in your home is inevitable. Prevent these parasites from running you out of house and home through proper cleaning and upkeep.

Alternatively, if you suspect you already have an infestation at home, professional carpet cleaning services can get rid of the problem immediately. Professionals will have the carpet cleaning chemicals that both refresh your carpet, and kill off any pests that may be lurking about. Have your carpet cleaned regularly, and you won’t have the problem of carpet pests!

5. Removes any foul odors from your carpets.

Because carpets are made from fabric, textile, and natural fibers, they often can hold excess water for long periods of time. These create a foul, damp odor that can be off-putting, and a musty odor indicates the presence of mold and mildew within the carpet. Proper cleaning will remove these odors at the source, so you’ll have perfectly clean carpets in no time!

Dry cleaning can also remove the odor from your carpets. Grab a commercial carpet refresher, or make your own with some baking soda and essential oils. Use the carpet refresher anywhere you suspect the odor is coming from, and you’ll remove the stink with little effort. However, nothing beats a good carpet shampoo when it comes to a complete clean!

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