These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve MS-Word

In the latest market, Microsoft word is the most ubiquitous word-processing program. When we come to the Microsoft world, this is the best standard for processing words. Several numbers of peoples in this world use Microsoft word from different parts, but not all of them will know the maximum capabilities of the program. Microsoft word is the most popular that is used today. Ms-Word is a family member of the Microsoft office. If the word not responding mac, you should install antivirus program.

Ms-Word has lots of feature in it. It includes a dictionary, thesaurus, and utility for manipulating, formatting and editing. You can repair if the word not responding mac. Word is an application that is packed with different types of functions and features that will help you create documents, reports, and text files easier. Your day-to-day work will become more accessible, more productive, and more efficient by using the following tips and tricks given below. By following the information, you can reach your ultimate of any piece of software.

Features of Microsoft Word:

  • It will help you to convert the list into a table.
  • It will convert a Bulleted List to SmartArt.
  • Microsoft office will help to create a custom tab.
  • It has a quick selection method.
  • Help to add Placeholder Text.
  • Changing Case will make you easy.
  • Quick Parts are available.
  • Touch or Mouse Mode is available in Word 2013
  • It will remove the background on an image.
  • Edit Wrap Points when Wrapping Text is also available.

How to download Microsoft word?

Step 1:Log in to the ACES.

Step 2:Next, you have to click on the employee tab and scroll down.

Step 3:Before getting started, enter your email address and click enter.

Step 4:Select the options student or teacher and click on sign in.

Step 5:Then click on ok.

Tips and tricks in MS-word:

1. Use shortcut in the keyboard for Copy, paste, and cut:

  • You can use shortcut keys in your keyboard like ctrl + c to copy.
  • Use ctrl + v to paste.
  • Press Ctrl + x to cut.
  • Use shift + F3 to make its capital letter.
  • The above mentioned are the three basic commands that you find in ms word.

2. Quick zoom in and zoom out:

Some people will like to use word window zoomed to 150% some of them will be used to zoom out to 75% to use the document.

  • Use this key to zoom in document – Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up.
  • Use this key to zoom out the document – Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Down.

3. How to delete an entire word at a time?

You use this trick instead of slowly pecking at the keyboard to delete text or holding down the Backspace to delete the words. Press Ctrl + Backspace to delete entire words that are present in the document.

4. Remove unwanted formatting:

Press Ctrl + space or click on the Clear all formatting button to remove the formatting from the highlighted text and start fresh with your new style.

5. Quickly insert links into a document:

As mentioned above as the three commands copy, paste, cut is similar to this. You can learn the keyboard shortcut for adding a link to the document ctrl + k, and this will save lots of time, and you will have the sharpest tool in your kit.

Uses of word processing:

  • This will also let you create, edit, save, and print documents. This will also help in copying, pasting, moving, and deleting text within a document.
  • It is used in formatting text such as font type, bolding, underlining, or italicizing. It is creating and editing tables.
  • Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop productivity applications that are explicitly designed to be used for office or business use.

If you live in a very remote, isolated part of the world without internet access, you should use MS Word, and this is the most widely used word processor on the planet. This Word had a spellcheck and grammar checker, and that will use advanced heuristics and tons of helpful and attractive templates. You should take immediate action if the word not responding mac. With the help of Word, you can create documents; either you can start with blank or with a template similar to all other Microsoft Applications.

Create certificates and letters of appreciation with the help of Word. You can store your important information and get back to that by opening documents stored on your computer or one drive. You can edit, add and delete information. You can install antivirus if the word not responding mac.

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