To get help, contact Bajaj Finserv customer care number for all your queries

As per Bajaj Finance’s Q4FY20 report, their customer base grew y-o-y 14% to reach 48.6 million, as of 31st March 2021. One of the reasons for the immense popularity of this major player in the Indian consumer finance market is its prompt customer service. The dedicated Bajaj Finserv customer care services are available both online and offline. 

Existing or new customers can contact Bajaj Finserv customer care through different avenues like customer care number, SMS and through the customer portal Experia. Following is a look at how to contact the customer care and get your queries resolved.

Contact Bajaj Finserv through customer care number 

Bajaj Finserv extends a toll-free number, valid pan-India, which individuals can call to resolve any query. The Bajaj Finserv customer care number, which is active round the clock. Individuals from any part of the country can dial their number to seek information about any particular detail or clear any confusion. 

The calling facility is Interactive Voice Response System-enabled, allowing individuals to communicate to Bajaj Finserv for any query whatsoever. Callers can also choose from 8 regional languages apart from Hindi and English when dialling this number. However, remember that when calling from an unregistered number, individuals have to mention customer ID or EMI Card number as and when required. 

Besides customer care number, individuals can reach out to Bajaj Finserv via other avenues, as well. 

Alternative ways to contact Bajaj Finserv customer care

To get help with any services or solve any issue, users can also type “SOL” and send it to +91 9227564444. For product-specific details, they can also send a text message to a dedicated number for that particular one. For instance, to receive your customer ID, you need to type “CUSTID” and send it to the designated number. 

All these Bajaj Finserv contact details are easy to find online. However, if you have logged in to customer portal Experia, you need to collect these numbers and SMS codes. This online portal allows you to avail most services through its user-friendly interface. 

Purpose of using customer portal Experia 

One of the most convenient ways to contact Bajaj Finserv customer care is through this online portal, considering the benefits it offers. Some of them are listed below – 

  • Know pre-approved offers 

The existing Bajaj Finserv customers are eligible for pre-approved offers. These offers expedite and simplify loan processing. Such offers are available on a myriad of financial products like business loans, personal loans and many more. Enter your name and mobile number to check your pre-approved offer online. 

  • Track loan account 

Individuals can also track their loan account 24/7 through this online portal. Although they can contact Bajaj Finserv contact number to know about their current account details, the customer portal experia simplifies the process. With this platform, individuals can keep a tab on the upcoming EMI payment date, outstanding balance, etc. In case any discrepancies arise, it will be easier for them to detect the same immediately. 

For more convenience, individuals can also download the Bajaj Finserv Experia App on their mobile or other devices.  

  • Online payment

Besides keeping a tab on loan details, the Experia portal also allows individuals to make online payment of EMIs, credit card bills, etc. It takes only a few minutes to complete any transaction, and these are completed through secure payment gateways. 

  • Download e-receipts 

After any online payment is made, it becomes easier for individuals to download the statements or e-receipts through the Experia portal or app. Using this platform, individuals can download NOC, interest certificate and likes. 

  • Update or change details 

Keeping the personal and financial details updated is of utmost importance. Through this Bajaj Finserv customer care portal Experia, individuals can also edit or change such details in a few clicks. 

Therefore, Bajaj Finserv customer care services are one of the fastest and most advanced in terms of resolving any query and guiding you to select the best financial product for you. Besides offline customer care calling services, you can also consider using the online portal Experia for an enhanced user experience.

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