Find The Top Startups in Nigeria 2022

Top Startups in Nigeria

Startups are looking to Nigeria where there are 208.8 million inhabitants and the fastest-growing economy in Africa as a crucial place to start their business. As a battleground for startups in Nigeria, Nigeria has emerged as a safe haven for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business or establish their status as a long-term digital leader.

In addition, it has experienced an increase in its GDP by 6.9 percent, making the country the biggest economy in Africa principally because of its oil and gas production.

The businesses in Nigeria have risen to the occasion and accepted the responsibility of creating world-class businesses and being one of Nigeria’s many organizations and platforms. Startups in Nigeria utilize new technologies and solve problems of people to expand their business. Entrepreneurs from the hotels, banking, transport, and investment industries are making an enormous impact.

In Nigeria, many new businesses are finding success by offering their products and services to the masses. Certain African entrepreneurs have expanded their services throughout the world and established themselves as a global brand because of the speed of development in the region.

A list of 30+ startup companies from Nigeria to follow in 2022 has been compiled below.

Automated Check

These businesses located in Nigeria make it easier for Nigerians to purchase and sell cars. TLcom Capital and 4DX Ventures are the main players in the $3.4 million round of financing for this automotive technology business.

This firm’s goal is to provide a safe and secure selling and buying environment. To ensure the longevity of your vehicle Autocheck provides repair and maintenance services in Nigeria.

If you’re looking for something more than a simple oil change or a new set of blades for your windshield, this is the best place to go. It is possible to download their app from the App Store and use it to upload your vehicle’s details or register it and receive a maintenance plan.


Paystack is Nigeria’s largest Fintech firm, and it’s growing quickly. Paystack is currently concerned with the processing of payments. Paystack makes it easier for retailers to accept payments by their clients. Two long-time friends founded the company in 2015.


Nigerians have been embracing PiggyVest which is a rapidly growing Fintech startup. PiggyVest was earlier named prior to being changed to. With the software, Nigerians may save and invest their money more easily. Install the app, sign up and save or invest. It’s that simple!

Field Intelligence

Field Intelligence is a promising company in Nigeria with plenty of potentials to grow. Their job is to manage and distribute medical equipment. A number of African nations have availed their supply chain for pharmaceuticals from Abuja which has the potential to expand to other continents. They established a branch office located in Berlin, Germany, in 2018.


It was founded in Nigeria’s Lagos in the year 2013, Youverify was an Identity Verification startup. Its access to many databases aids in the verification of identity. Following its initial launch in the year 2017 Standard Chartered, Sterling Bank, NIPOST, and Bolt have all joined forces with the company.

Carbon (PayLater)

Carbon is an expanding Nigerian Fintech enterprise. Carbon’s primary goal is to offer short-term loans for Nigerians without collateral, through its mobile app. The company has just added an investment tool to its application. It’s saving and earning dividends for Nigerians. Carbon, formerly known as Pay later changed its name.

Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is a startup in technology for agriculture that helps farmers in obtaining financing options. In addition to Sterling Bank and FCMB, several other organizations are listed in this list of supporters.

Migo (KwikMoney)

Cloud-based platform Migo, previously called KwikMoney offers unsecured loans to customers. Without the need for a physical card, customers can use Migo to buy goods or withdraw cash. Migo was established as Kwikmoney but it has since been renamed Migo. When it was known as Kwikmoney they were extremely renowned startups across Nigeria.


When it comes to the transportation of products, Kobo360 is a platform that streamlines the process for shippers, truckers, and cargo receivers too. They gained notoriety following their win in the MIT Solve Global Health Challenge in 2008. Kobo360 is among the fastest-growing companies in Nigeria, due to its rapid rise in popularity within only a few years.


In Nigeria, this tech-enabled home concierge service is a unique startup. Making your home more comfortable and running tasks has never been so easy because of Eden! It takes care of your routine tasks by assigning somebody to do them for you. It lets you continue in your daily routine like you always do. It is able to save users time and energy, and is renowned as an expert.


Through its APIs Flutterwave lets its users to build their own payment systems. Custom-designed payments can be made through the platform’s base technology infrastructure, services, and services. Banks, merchants, and other organizations in the financial sector are some of the company’s many clients. Since 2016, the business has handled around $8 billion worth of transactions.


A company located in Nigeria called Gradely’s aim is to help make learning more accessible to children. Every student’s learning gap are identified early by working with schools, instructors, and parents. In addition, they provide pupils with a personalized performance and learning pathway to follow. They also provide feedback in real-time. The catch-up program is available on Gradely where they create custom classes to assist students who have fallen behind.


Konga is a web-based retailer. From phones to books to food, it has everything. As an online store, is well-known. It was in 2012 when it was only getting started but now it’s aiming to be the world’s most powerful trader in commerce. This way, both merchants and buyers can buy large quantities of a given product.

Zinox Technologies has purchased Konga, an e-commerce company that is a leader. Offering a variety of healthcare, literature baby products cellphones, laptops, and even clothing, aids customers in their personal growth. For the past few decades, Konga offers excellent services to Nigerians which has earned the recognition of being one of the most successful companies across Nigeria.


As a financial company that is focused on Africa, Opay develops a range of products that include payment processing and transportation, delivery of groceries, and many more. OPay is utilized by millions of people every day to transfer money and pay their bills. VCs and Fintech companies are now based in Nigeria. Recently, they received an investment of $120 million and also received $50 million in private funding.


Otras is a learning tool for healthcare professionals looking to be on top of their game. Orac’s objective is to create an education platform that helps in the education of medical professionals. So far, they’ve contributed an amount of $75,000 to support a variety of experts. Otras is thought to be one of the top online learning tools for African health professionals because of its features.


ReQuid, a start-up in Nigeria that allows you to invest in agriculture is an intriguing venture. The tool makes investing, managing and liquidating your investments easier. They’ve already racked up more than a thousand customers and are poised to grow into one of Nigeria’s biggest companies.


Customers can use the debit card they have to purchase cryptocurrency using their mobile application or web platform. Users in Nigeria can safely transfer digital currencies on Roqqu that was designed with them in mind. Bitcoin, TRON, and XRP are all able to pay for Roqqu.

Final Word:

Nigeria is home to a variety of startups that you must keep an eye on through 2022. Here is the list: All deserve to be on this list of top Nigerian startups for 2022 since they bring so much value to the daily lives of Nigerians.

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