Incredible Ideas of Using Colored or Painted Glass for Your Home/Office Interior

Incredible Ideas of Using Colored or Painted Glass for Your Home/Office Interior
Incredible Ideas of Using Colored or Painted Glass for Your Home/Office Interior

However, today we won`t speak about the magnificent cathedrals built centuries ago, but we will speak about how to incorporate glass into your interior design. You are wondering why out of all available materials, we`ve chosen to speak about glass?

Transparent and aesthetically appealing, the usage of glass in your interior will be an exceptional way to make your home/office look and feel spacious and bright. We can`t possibly state enough the importance of natural light. Not only it will make you more productive but also it will make you happier too. Light automatically makes every area more comfortable and natural, besides making it brighter and larger as we previously mentioned.

More and more interior designers and architects are using glass tables on a daily basis simply because it is a contemporary yet exceptionally durable material which makes every house feel like home, every office like a friendly working environment.

Now that we`ve explained why you should definitely consider using glass in your interior design, here are a number of simple examples. They will allow you to have a glimpse of how people have already used glass.

Floor to ceiling doors and windows

Using glass for doors and windows is not a new concept but nowadays more and more interior designers tend to create open floor living rooms and design entire houses by putting an accent of floor to ceiling doors and windows. This brand new concept puts aside the traditional and already dated interior “rules” and sets the tone when it comes to creating modern enchanting interiors filled with light and openness.

1.          Glass Walls

glass walls

Another similar concept is the usage of glass walls within homes and offices. Unlike the traditional hard walls which are hard to mount and are directly linked with small areas with limited source of light (especially when we are talking about offices), the glass walls (transparent or in certain color) create an irreplaceable extraordinary feel of broadness.

2.          Glass Staircase

glass staircase

Not so commonly seen but surely quite unique, glass staircases will be the statement interior piece that will draw everyone’s attention.

3.          Stained and Colored Glass Windows

Exquisite and creative, having stained glass windows in your home will add another more colorful and vibrant dimension to it. Based on your entire interior design, aim to create a wholesomeness by choosing a design (abstract and arty; natural driven design such as flowers; incorporate geometric shapes) which will go well with everything.

4.          Glass Furniture

The concept of glass furniture is not a new one but we can say that over the decades it`s durability and versatility is quite improved. Incorporating color glass elements in your home or office is a great way to add a trendy and elegant vibe to it.

In your living room, you can choose to add colored Glass tables which won`t take up as much space as the traditional ones. Additionally, they are lightweight meaning they are easy to move, they are durable, and because despite their color they are see-through and tend to create visual openness of the area. Glass furniture can not only be used in your living room but also in your office. How about besides owning a traditional wooden desk, you also have smaller Glass side tables. We assure you, you will find these Glass side tables super practical. They can serve you as a place where you can place the special edition drinks for your clients, or one of them can be in-between the two classy leather chairs for more leisure one-on-one meetings.  Besides these Glass tables, you can also consider adding transparent or different colored glass shelves in your home. They are simple, practical, and made from tempered glass which is extremely durable.


If there is one piece of advice we can give to you when it comes to the usage of glass is that you can`t go wrong with it!

Don`t be scared to use your imagination and creativity! Sometimes you are only one step away from colorful and bright perfection and all it takes is a bit of bravery. Glass interior design is the pinnacle of it all! You can either search for inspiration yourself via social media platforms or get in touch with an interior designer which will lead you on your path of using colored glass in your home or office.

Use colored glass in your home/office and add an entire more colorful and fun dimension to it!

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