Does Vaping Help with Depression and Anxiety?


Vaping helps to calm moods and unwind after having a hectic day. This, however, depends on what you are vaping and the device you are using. For example, if you are vaping cannabis, then that relaxing nature and unwinding are associated with cannabis. But you can still choose a different method of consumption apart from vaping.

The big question now comes here, how is vaping associated with depression and anxiety? To answer this, we begin from a point where vaping is regarded as one of the safest cannabis consumption methods. It is a method that there is not much published about. So in terms of side effects, they are not yet known, giving it the first tick.

It is also essential to understand what depression and anxiety are before relating them to vaping. This article covers what depression and anxiety are. Later in the article, you will also learn why you choose to vape over the rest. Let’s get started.

What are Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and depression are medical conditions with long-lasting and devastating effects on an individual. The two can result in serious consequences like disabilities. This is why WHO lists depression at the top among conditions that lead to disabilities and anxiety at 6th worldwide.

Controlling depression and anxiety is not easy unless you establish the exact cause. Confirming this is not a walk in the park. For example, depression begins with stress. So it takes time before you get depressed, and the reverse process is not easy.

Anxiety can be defined as a state of feeling uneasy, confused, and not sure of what happens next. On the other hand, we have already said depression results from stress to define it as prolonged stress. For anxiety, two types are depending on what you are anticipating. There is anxiety that comes from waiting for positive feedback, and there is one that you know the answer is negative, but you are not sure to what extent.

At the end of the day, whichever type of anxiety, you will get disturbed. Beating this fear is done in many ways, including vapes. Now, what is the relationship between the three?

Anxiety Vs. Depression Vs. Vaping

We are unique with different demands in life. Every one of us consumes cannabis for special reasons best known by us. But what is this that drives most people to vape wax pen, especially those fighting anxiety and depression? There are so many questions that need answers.

CBD is known to have a lot of therapeutic potentials. Some take it because of its potential, while others take it for recreational purposes. Dispensaries recommend vaping to customers as a good choice when taking CBD. Vaping is a normal exercise to your lungs, putting aside what you’re consuming.

When under anxiety, it is recommended that you take deep breaths and out. This exercise helps to pump more blood to your brain cells. Through vaping, you do this exercise several times without your knowledge, which is good. Vaping as an exercise combined with the therapeutic properties of CBD makes a good match.

Others vape nicotine in place of CBD. These individuals benefit from vapes and nicotine. It is still not clear whether nicotine helps with depression and anxiety directly. Those who vape nicotine end up benefiting from the exercise and not nicotine.

Vaping is very addictive for those who use it to deal with stress and anxiety. If you get used to vaping any time you feel anxious or depressed, this habit becomes part of your life. After some time, this now becomes the only way to deal with anxiety and stress.

Other Benefits of Vaping

Vaping has got tons of benefits. Since there is still not much published about the method, we assume there are no side effects. Until then, here are some of the main benefits of vape over other methods.

Vaping is clean in the sense that the vapor you inhale is filtered before reaching your lungs. Unlike other smoking methods, where you take in smoke-filled with all kinds of particles, vaping traps all these particles. CBD as a substance does not cause cancer, but carcinogens from the cannabis plant materials can cause.

Vaping through CBD vape pens is discrete and fun. Vapes come in several flavors to choose from. You have room to vape your favorite concentrate blended with your favorite flavor. Vape devices are also ultra-small, which makes your vaping experience discreet and confidential. When it comes to vape pen devices like vape pens, purchase from trusted brands like Dr. Dabber avoids getting counterfeit ones.

No method guarantees you a fast absorption rate like vaping does. Everyone wants to feel effects as soon as possible after taking your weed. Vaping is the only safe method that offers you instant results.

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