Virtual Events and Webinars: A Quick Comparison

virtual events
virtual events

Ever since the novel coronavirus striked, virtual events have witnessed a rapid growth. Today we have a wide variety of virtual platforms available to us that are offering engaging and interactive event solutions on the internet. There are ample virtual platforms already in the competition, picking the best depends upon your business requirements. You know what is the best pick for your virtual event platform? It is the one who enables you to host immersive dynamics. Undeniably, physical events will forever hold their special place, but 3D virtual event platforms have closely stimulated the same.

Truth to be told, We all are heading towards a digital world. Pandemic has made people spend most of their time either on gadgets or may be attending a meeting virtually. With the increase in online events, webinars too begined popping up alongside. Most people are in a fuse. What differentiates the two?

The very common question- Does a service provider offer both live webinars and virtual events services? Well, if you are looking for an answer to the following question, you have come to the right space.

In this post, we have shared the difference between the two, webinars and virtual events. Let’s get started!

What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual event is an event that takes place in an online space over a web-based solution. After the pandemic, virtual events enabled people to connect, interact, and network with the host, sponsors, exhibitors, and other participants seamlessly in a visually rich environment irrespective of their locations.

Advantages of Hosting a Virtual Event.

1) A virtual event is a modern solution that vanquishes the barriers involved in organising a physical event. Virtual events overcome space limitations, geographical constraints and hefty costs involved in traveling.

2) Event planners & marketers across the globe are tapping on virtual event solutions to enhance attendance and maximise their reach. Today, digital marketing tools are greatly benefiting both planners and organisers. Virtual events offer endless merits that are far beyond the reach of traditional events.

3) It enables a great opportunity for engagement and promotes better ROI. It also provides access to the event attendees from their remote locations. Another reason to host your event virtually is that it delivers a positive impact on mother nature as it helps in reducing the disposal of waste and carbon emissions after every in-person event.

4) Virtual event platforms offer engaging features and tools that carry forward immersive event experiences to audiences. Seamlessly connect and network in real-time via live text/video/audio, 1:1 or group chats. There are a few appealing features offered by the platform as well: Q&A sessions, live polls, quizzes, games, surveys, etc. which helps in keeping the prospects involved throughout the event.

5) Host exuberant conferences, organise recurring meetings, trade shows, job fairs, webinars, exhibitions, all through virtual event platforms. The platform also enables you to host an event for a series of days according to your convenience. Sounds terrific, isn’t it?

What is a Virtual Webinar?

Virtual webinars are a part of virtual events which is termed as a physical seminar that is performed on a digital webinar platform. It is a web-based interface that allows audiences to attend the webinar from the comfort of their personal space and listen to the speaker. To put simply, a webinar includes a group of diverse individuals listening to one or more keynote speakers. When a speaker delivers his speech to a group of prospects via the internet such an event is known as a webinar. Lectures, workshops, onboarding & orientation programs, product demonstrations, video presentations, training, etc. are all part of webinars.

We have been utilising virtual webinars since a very long time, but 2021 made webinars an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. Let us now look at it’s benefits!

Benefits of Virtual Webinars

Today, virtual webinars have become the most powerful digital marketing tool that has initiated qualified leads. Impart your valuable knowledge with prospects globally, showcase product demonstrations with webinars as they still have a long way to go.

Webinar platforms come with immersive customisation features that enable you to touch an ample number of audiences living in remote locations. You can host immersive live, automated, and on-demand webinars which you were once unable to do in a physical event. Virtual webinars have now become the talk of the town as it has benefited most businesses and has offered endless possibilities to connect and expand the global reach.

Online Webinars

Online webinars escalated all the roadblocks that were associated with In-person seminars, such as geographical constraints or space limitations. You can host unlimited webinars through this platform without any hassle. Amplifies your participation, attendance, and engagement as your prospects will be participating in your event from across the world. You can also record the session for people who missed the program and provide access to the same on demand. As webinars are hosted virtually it escalates the expenses involved in renting a venue,Virtual Photo booth traveling, food, hiring staff, accomodation, and so forth.

Yet another benefit of hosting a webinar is its digital footprinting and analytic feature which helps in tracking attendees move and provides you with a detailed report. It also provides you with a complete set of analytics of the event to determine the success of the event.

Webinars enable attendees to tune in remotely and presenters to deliver a speech via a video conferencing tool. Webinar platforms offer engaging solutions such as live polls, live chats, surveys, to capture attendees attention. Live webinars enable attendees to communicate with the presenters or speakers in real-time which further draws better engagement.

Webinar platforms offer a plethora of features. If you haven’t leveraged virtual webinar solutions yet, now is the time to crack new opportunities.

Over to You

All in all, whether you’re planning to host a webinar or a virtual platform, it is crucial to hook the correct tech tools for a smooth and seamless event experience. Either ways, both the platforms help in delivering immersive experiences to audiences. What is beneficial for you, depends upon your business goals and requirements. Seamlessly enhance your experience and try your hands on either of the two!

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