What is screen printing?

Screen printing is the process of pressing the stencilled mash to create a printed design. This technique is getting popular in the market and an innovative technique as well. There is a wide range of industries using this technique. Screen printing is considered an effective technique used for making bold canvases, posters, and artwork.

Through this method, the silk and fabrics can also be printed and are recognized the great sort of printing all kinds of custom products and fabrics. If you are looking for a screen printer in the United States? you can check ZEE Packaging.

Screen printing:

Screen printing is the process of creating a stencil on flat surfaces by using a mesh screen. It can also give prints to woods, metals, plastic, and even glass with a specific ink. And in this process, the basic thing is to create a stencil and a mesh screen then the ink is used to create the design on the flat surface. This process sometimes is called silk screen printing.

Uses of screen printing:

One of the main reasons is that screen printing is used because it made different vivid colors it can also make these colors on darker fabrics. This printing is also known as flavoured as it allows the design to print multiple times. The ink also lies in the fabric of the printer.

And in this whole process sometimes the stencil can be replicated to create the same designs. It is very useful for the brand in making multiple copies of the same fabric or associates. This makes this technique an efficient one for making large batches of custom products.

And on the other hand, when it is carried out in terms of professional equipment by some experienced printers then it is possible to create a multicolor design. It allows more intense coloring than it is possible to achieve simple coloring alone.

Screen printing process:

In the industry, there are different methods for screen printing but there is the basic technique that is involved. There are many other famous techniques. This technique helps the brands to come up and be innovative in the market. Now further we will discuss the steps that are involved in this process.

Creating design:

The first step has involved the creation of the design in which the printer takes the design that is needed to create the end product and then it prints out on the acetate sheets. This step is important to create a stencil.

Preparation of screen

Then the printer will choose the mash screen keeping the complexity of the design. Then the mesh screen is coated with light reactive emission.

Exposition of emulsion:

Then the escalate sheet features the design to lay it on the emulsion sheet. In this way, the whole thing is exposed to bright light. For the creation of a multicolored design then the printer uses the skill to set different designs.

Creating stencil:

Then in this process at this point of the process, the creation of a stencil is needed. And the screen that is not covered with design will turn into hard form. And then the emulsion will be carefully raised by the team. This creates a clear print of the design so that the ink can pass through it.

And then when the printer is dried up it will make necessary touch-ups to the design and try to make it as accurate as possible to reach the original design. And then at this point, the stencil is ready to use.

Preparation of item to print:

In this step, the screen is placed on the printing press and then the garment is printed and laid down on the printing board. Here different phases include different designs like automatic or manual. But nowadays the modern printers are more towards the automatic designs.

Pressing of ink into the screen:

The screen is lower down into the printing board then the ink is added on the top of the screen to pull the ink along to the board. Then the printer creates multiple items on the screen and the new garment is raised on the printing board to repeat the process.

Product is dried, checked, and finished:

In this step, the product is dried and passes through different processes and then the final product is checked and washed.


Screen printing is an innovative process that helps brands to create different stencil designs of different products to make the complete product. King Custom Boxes help the brand with the screen printing of the products.

It helps them to come up with innovative things in the market. In this whole process, there are seven-step involved they are design creation, preparation of screen, the explosion of emulsion, washing off ad creating a stencil, preparation of printing, pressing of ink on the screen, pressing of ink onto the items, and finally the dying, finishing and checking the product.

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