What is the mainstream household energy storage capacity?

energy storage capacity

In recent years, the installed capacity of household energy storage has ushered in rapid growth, outdoor camping and self-driving tour has prospered in the outdoor power supply market, and many brands have begun to enter the energy storage industry. Outdoor energy mainly uses 330W, 500W, 1000W, and 2000W as mainstream outdoor power products, which fully cover travel needs. Although the outdoor power supply can be used as emergency backup power for home power failure, the power reserve of the outdoor power supply is still insufficient for the large load to supply power to household appliances for a long time. Recently, home energy storage has launched a variety of home energy storage power sources for special occasions with unstable power supply.

5kW, 10kW home solar energy storage system

The 5KW solar system home energy storage power supply adopts a stacked modular design. The capacity of a single module is about 5000Wh, which is 5 kWh of energy storage. Users can flexibly add modules according to their own power needs.

The 15KW solar system home energy storage power supply has larger energy storage. It adopts a cabinet-type shape design, and the power reserve reaches 10,000Wh, that is, 10 kWh of electricity, which can cope with heavier load grid scenarios.

Drive the whole home electrical system

Compared with the outdoor power supply, which only supports one or two small appliances for emergency use, the household energy storage power supply relies on the foundation of massive power reserves, which can support the normal use of electrical appliances in the whole house.

Off-peak energy storage saves money and reduces the burden

As we all know, people go to work normally during the day, the production line of the factory is in full operation, the grid load is also the largest period, and power outages often occur during this time. Therefore, the power company divides residential electricity into two time periods: peak electricity.

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