What makes Colorful Rugs a perfect choice

Moroccan rugs

ColoredBerber rugsare growing in popularity in the market. People are using them mainly for household aesthetics, and are diversifying their in-house designs with the help of these rugs. Moreover, even offices are using these rugs to some extent. Looking at all this, one may ask, what is the deal with these rugs? Well, in this article, we shall tell you all there is to know about these rugs, and what makes them so good.


Berber rugs are ones that hold the traditional middle-eastern rug style, with their unique aesthetic designs and light colors.

The special thing about these rugs is that they are extremely detailed and crafted with a lot of perfection, yet at the same time they give a minimalistic look. However, there are modern variants that are much fancier. Nevertheless, these rugs are a must-consider.


Following are the features of color and Berber rugs:

  • They are medium-sized

Although there are variants in sizes of color and Berber rugs, they are usually medium-sized, good enough to come in a small room comfortably, without covering a lot of floor space. People usually put a table over them with a sofa on the side. This gives a very good look to the room.

  • Style is a mix of Arabic and Persian

Berber rugs have a unique style, but this unique style comes forth by combining the Arabic and Persian conception of art. One could say that these rugs actually have the best of both worlds because they gracefully siphon out the unappealing (to the westerners) aspects of both Arabic and Persian art.

  • They may have tassels in the boundaries

These rugs usually have tassels in their boundaries, on one pair of opposing ends only. When placed in a certain context, these tassels give off a very good look.

Berber rugs


Following are the benefits of color and Berber rugs:

  • They do not look extravagant

These rugs are not too extra when placed in any room. So, people that want to live a minimalist lifestyle or do not like being showy, will find these rugs quite appealing. Although they are pretty simple, at the same time they are too good to not be noticed. So, it is a win-win situation.

  • They are soft and comfortable

These rugs are quite soft. You can sit on them for hours with ease, and you will feel like you are on a soft mattress. This makes these rugs quite feasible and you can even sit directly on the carpet, in the traditional middle-eastern way of sitting.
They are durable and long-lasting
These rugs are of very high quality. You can get them and forget about buying a rug ever again because you will not have to worry about it tearing or corroding away with time.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different styles of color and Berber rugs available in the market. You should get one according to your room’s setting. There may be an organization that customizes these rugs for you.

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