what to do when the electric skateboard wiggles too much

electric skateboard wiggles
electric skateboard wiggles

Speed wiggle: What is it?

Speed wiggle or wobble is a rapid (5–10 Hz) swing or oscillation occurring exactly on the steerable wheels of a skateboard. Originally, the rest of the board remains substantially unhampered, until it renders into a board-liberate swing due to additional breadth producing a loss of control. The original insecurity occurs at substantially high speed. For starters, speed wiggle on an electric skateboard can occur due to some different reasons.

The reason for skateboard wiggling

Skateboard wiggling occurs because of ourselves. As human beings, we can’t concentrate properly at the time of skateboarding. Some people are naturally absent-minded. Our body balance is normally regulated by neurons via muscles, tendons, and joints. When we want to raise the speed of an electric skateboard, we must keep concentration fully and correct our posture and body balance.

For this reason, especially people who have been recently interested in skateboarding need to analyze which electric skateboards are best suited for them. You can go to Lumbuy’s amazing online store at https://lumbuy.com/electric-longboard/ and find a suitable board for you. They also have a huge collection of skateboards and can help you to get enough knowledge about electric skateboards.

As mentioned, the best and long-term solution to prevent skateboard wiggling is to practice.

Keep equal tightness on both front and back trucks: When your back truck has less tightness as compared to your front truck that means your back truck will twist more. That’s why skateboard wiggling can occur. So, we have to keep equal tightness for both the front truck and the back truck to avoid skateboard wiggling. If you are a new skateboard rider, you should avoid loose trucks. Because loose trucks have more turning ability. Sometimes they are responsible for wiggling.

Proper Weight management: Some beginners can make a common mistake that they can push more weight on the rear part of the skateboard. That’s why pressure falls on bushings on the back trucks. As the back trucks have more turning ability it’s not good for board stability. We have to exert force or more weight on the front trucks and also have to lean on the front part of the skateboard.

Paying attention to Foot placement: A large number of beginners place their front foot in the middle part of the skateboard keeping the back foot over the rear part of the board. Due to the extensive turning ability of back trucks, you should place your front foot as far as possible without hanging your toes. It is preferable to place the foot at a 45-degree angle. Proper foot placement can reduce the wiggling of the skateboards.

Move to E- skateboard: If you are a beginner at skateboarding, you can choose an electric skateboard because it has auto adjustable wiggling controlling capacity when it moves. But non-electric ones do not carry these features. If you are a beginner then you can go to https://lumbuy.com/electric-longboard/ and learn more about how electric skateboards can be helpful in preventing wiggling.

Selection of larger wheelbase: The wheelbase refers to the distance between the center of the front and rear wheel. A short skateboard turns more easily than a longboard. If you are a beginner then you can choose a longboard, or more specifically an electric longboard because it has a larger wheelbase than a non-electric one.

Relax and move confidently: When you are climbing up a hill via an Electric skateboard then it’ll start to wiggle. So, Relax your body and go a long way confidently. Always focus on the forward motion, give it your full concentration and you will be a perfect skateboard rider quickly.

Final verdict

Are you turning into a skateboard lover? Follow the above-described instructions, be confident, keep focus at the time of riding, Don’t get nervous, and concentrate on what your ankles are doing. You must overcome the fear. So, go out, practice, have fun, and bring back/create some childhood memories. See ya at the skatepark!

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