Which AWS Certification Is Better For A Fresher?

AWS Certification
AWS Certification

The AWS certification is one of the most coveted credentials across the globe. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is a widely recognized and highly adopted cloud platform. From the fastest growing start-ups to large enterprises, every business is adopting AWS. AWS cloud computing services, like storage, networking, compute, etc., have changed the traditional business processes.

The AWS platform is a collection of Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). It offers more comprehensive features and services, starting from infrastructure technologies to newly emerging technologies. AWS has millions of active customers and thousands of partners worldwide. It is the most reliable, secure, mature, and high-performance cloud platform.

AWS Certifications

With the increasing adoption of AWS in organizations and businesses, individuals are looking to earn a different types of AWS certification to get hired by top cloud-based companies. But how to begin a career in AWS? AWS offers 12 different certificates categorized into four tiers – Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty.

All these 12 credentials are divided into four paths – Architect, Developer, Practitioner, and Operations. Freshers can kick-start their careers in the AWS cloud with foundational or associate-level credentials.

  • Foundational

There is only one foundational-level certification – AWS Cloud Practitioner. Individuals desiring to earn this certification should possess at least six months of experience and fundamental knowledge of the technical cloud.

  • Associate

Associate-level AWS certifications require individuals to possess at least one year of experience solving business issues and executing business solutions on AWS. There are three associate-level certifications:

  • AWS Cloud Developer – Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate

  • Professional

Professional-level credentials require individuals to possess a minimum of two years of experience designing, developing, executing, and troubleshooting business solutions on AWS. There are two professional-level AWS certifications:

  • AWS DevOps Cloud Certification – Professional
  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

  • Specialty

There are six AWS Specialty certifications that are intended for individuals holding some technical experiences in any of the below domains:

  • AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • AWS Database – Specialty
  • AWS Machine Learning – Specialty
  • AWS Cloud Security – Specialty
  • AWS Data Analytics – Specialty
  • AWS Alexa Skills Builder – Specialty

AWS Architect Or Developer?

With the foundational-level certification, you can start your career as a cloud practitioner. After that, you choose any path out of the three – Architect, Developer, Operations. Associate-level certifications include all these three paths. Therefore, you can pick any way according to your knowledge, experience, and interest. Many individuals choose either an architect or a developer path.

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification validates individuals for their skills in demonstrating in-depth knowledge of architecting and deploying secure and safe applications on AWS, defining business solutions based on a client’s requirements, and providing implementation guidance throughout a project’s lifecycle.

The AWS Cloud Developer Certification tests individuals’ expertise in understanding core AWS services, AWS basic architecture best practices and demonstrating proficiency in designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based systems on the AWS platform.

Which One Is The Best – Cloud Architect Or Cloud Developer?

Both cloud developer and cloud architect paths are the best for freshers and offer a better pay scale. AWS Cloud Architects and Cloud Developers are in great demand today, and pursuing the respective certifications can help freshers advance their careers.

The primary factor while selecting the AWS certification course out of the two is an individual’s interest, knowledge, and experience. Choosing the right path is essential. Several learning resources for both certifications are available. You can opt for a renowned training center, like Koenig Solutions, to pursue certification training.

Moreover, you can refer to different AWS books, websites, forums, etc. To gain practical knowledge, you can watch YouTube videos to understand concepts clearly. Additionally, practicing several mock tests is the best option to excel in a certification exam. With mock tests, you can determine the level of your preparation and understand the nature of questions.


To seek AWS certification training, you can choose the world’s best training provider, Koenig Solutions. It is a global leader in the training industry. AWS expert instructors train candidates to pass a certification exam. There are three different modes available to pursue AWS training and certification – instructor-led classroom, instructor-led online, and fly-me-a-trainer – onsite. Moreover, you can opt for a one-to-one training mode to learn at your own convenience.

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