Why Should Men Opt-in for a Straw? Hat? The Reasons to Consider

Straw Hat
Straw Hat

Pulling a straw hat is not easy! Not every man can do. It requires a specific quality in a man

to look casual yet stylish in it. Most men would assume that they won't look good in this hat.

However, there are certain straw hat designs, which almost every man can pull off. For

instance, you can take a look at the straw boater. But in totality, if you have some amount

of confidence to commit to your style statement, the Panama hat will provide you ample

panache in comparison to others.

Have you been wondering whether you should take your pick from the straw hats for men? Are you not sure whether you should go ahead with it or opt-in for some other hat type? If you resonate with the questions, you need to delve into the advantages of sporting a straw hat. In this article, we will discuss some of the best traits of the straw hat, which will enable you to make an informed decision.

1. It is versatile

Most men think that all the hats exude a rather formal look in general. For instance, if you

take a look at the fedoras, bowlers and the top hats, you will find them highly informal. The

same holds true for the beanie, baseball caps, and visors. Therefore, the only hat that finds

a certain balance is the humble and simple straw hats. The straw hat styles available for

men are neither casual nor very smart. The straw hat walks into the sartorial line with a

certain deftness and exudes a casual charm about it. That means, this hat will look good

with your linen suit if you are attending a summer party. That aside, the hat will look perfect

when you are at the beach, wearing your Cuban-collared shirt and swim shorts.

2. It is lightweight

As you clutch on the last summer straws, it is essential to stay dressed for this season. It

indicates that linen trousers and lightweight shirts are what you can consider. And it is

despite the fact that the weather will make you think that the warm sunny days are not

there. However, on certain days, when the clouds are apart, and there are certain holidays

you want to experience during the summer months, this hat is a complete must-have.

The straw hat has breathability and it is effective in warding off the sun’s rays from the sun.

That aside, there is a light summer look that the hat exudes, because it gets made for

summer. It is also a good choice for people who love to travel and carry minimal weight.

Some specific hatters provide straw fedoras and Panama hats which can get rolled up so

that it's easy to store.

3. It is timeless

The brimmed straw hats have been making their presence felt for decades. As per the

trends, the hats will keep on being in vogue for several years. Also, because of their

versatility across the informal and formal attire, the hats like Panama’s can’t get worn by the

old and young with the same aplomb.

Hence, the only rule that we can suggest here is in the aspect of the brim. And for several

seasons, not many have been able to find it well, but the hat tends to look better on the

wearer, if you select a bigger brim based on the age. The young men usually choose the

straw trilby. However, when it comes to the older gentlemen, they welcome the brim and

select a wide look.

4. It provides sun protection

The sun can provide you warmth, but it’s harsh rays can also harm you. Most men opt-in for the straw hat, because it provides great protection from the sun. If you stay at a place, when the sun is at its peak and you need to ward off the scorching sun’s rays, you need to opt-in for a straw hat. However, you need to check the UPF factor of the hat. Any straw hat for men that comes with a UPF factor over 50, will provide you good sun protection. Furthermore, there are a few straw hats that come with a wider brim, which provides shoulder protection as well.

Now that you know the advantages you can witness if you opt for straw hats designed for

men, it's essential to style it well. You should opt-in for a hat that complements your face

shape for starters. If you want you can find out your face shape and check with a hat maker

the straw hat type that will complement you. That is not all. In the beginning, you should try

and keep it simple and find your comfort zone with the hat. Once you get comfortable, you

can experiment with different styles and flaunt the one that compliments your look.

However, when you want your straw hat to be comfortable, it is necessary to choose the

the correct size to avoid discomfort in wearing it.

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