Why Should You Worry About Losing Teeth?


Avoiding dental hygiene is, unfortunately, a part of our daily routine. Almost everyone blames exhaustion before going to bed every night. In the morning, they’re always late for something or prioritize eating over brushing their teeth. While it’s plausible that all the reasons you have for neglecting oral hygiene are justified, you’re still aiming for catastrophes.

If you think getting dental implants is the only thing you have to worry about, you need to read on. Below, you’ll find reasons as to why you should worry about losing teeth:

Invitation to Excruciating Pain

Perpetual. Pain. Plain and simple.

Ask anyone around you who’s lost teeth or experienced dental issues. Almost all of them come with some or another form of unendurably excruciating and long-lasting pain. Whether you have:

  • A case of gingivitis and your gums are starting to swell,
  • Plaque and your teeth are eroding,
  • Chipped or broken teeth or holes in your teeth, etc.

While it may not always be the same area or the same irritation. You can be sure of the irritability and pain in all scenarios. You might consider people with halitosis (bad breath) to be lucky for just having to deal with public embarrassment, confidence issues, self-image and personality problems, etc.

(Halitosis is an oral disease that can not only cause social problems. And can also be a symptom of other diseases such as oral cancer. So, it’s serious and needs to be considered seriously.)

Paves the Way for Destruction

A series of unfortunate events is what you’ll have in your mouth once you lose one tooth.

Firstly, you’ll start experiencing a missing tooth with your tongue, which will cause the erupting tooth to move in another direction. Next, you’ll have gaps in between your teeth, which will make the remainder of your teeth grow out of their directions.

This is important not only because your mouth will be going out of shape, but also due to the fact that you’ll eventually develop a change in your biting pattern.

How you bite can surprisingly cause a variety of other problems such as developing tooth sensitivity and growth problems. This can even go on and lead to the development of what dentists call the TMJ.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is a painful condition in which the jaw gets exhausted enough to make it impossible to talk or chew. One of the major causes of developing TMJ is having missing teeth.

So, having explored just one avenue of the many disadvantages of going edentulous, we can safely say we don’t want it.

How Do You Prevent It All?

Again, plain and simple. And perhaps painful for some.

Basically, you need to see a dentist. Going against all your excuses, anxieties, or even phobias, you need to get in touch with a dentist as soon as possible.

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, you should consider getting convenient dental implants in Dubai from SameDay Dental Clinic. In case you haven’t, still visit the clinic. You can’t be sure that you’re in the clear unless an expert takes a good look at you and verifies it. 

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