Your Essential Guide For Buying Hand Forged Axes In 2022

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Axes And Their Rich History

In the Mesolithic era (ca. 6000 BC), axes first developed hafted handles, around 8000 years ago. Humanity has used axes since the beginning of time, and the earliest axes were hand axes. It was a pear-shaped, roughly chipped stone tool with a broad handle and an even point. All kinds of tasks can be accomplished with a hand axe, from digging up tubers to hunting.

Are Hand-Forged Axes Better Than Machined Axes?

You will always get a sharp-edged blade when you buy a handmade axe, regardless of its shape or style. Why? Well, forging the 1095 High Carbon Steel makes the material stronger. Blades that are forged become less flexible because of the molenetic shaping during the forging process. As a result, these axes keep a sharp edge for longer. As a result, they are renowned for being sharp axes. 

The Handmade Axe also maintains its strength and shape for many years even under heavy use because it isn’t flexible and won’t break under pressure. There are many areas where Handmade Axes are superior to factory-made ones, though it mostly depends on the buyer’s choice, preferences, and needs.

Why Should You Buy A Hand Forged Axe?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of taking a deep breath of fresh air in the woods and hearing the sound of your axe splitting logs. The adrenaline rush that comes from this is what a hunter or an outdoor enthusiast craves.

But if it were only for the adrenaline rush, hand-forged axes would not be one of the most popular items in the USA. The market is filled with competitive collectors who want to be the first ones in line for premium collectibles. The likes of such cutting edge quality Viking / Damascus Axes are rarely found in the market which is one of the many reasons for their increasingly high demand.

Popular Axe Types To Find The Perfect Axe You Need!

Tactical Axe

Essentially a multi-tool, the tactical axe is a modern invention. It usually known as a tactical tomahawk, this axe has increase quality among law enforcement officers, soldiers, and security staff, as well as survivalists. These come in a collection of substantial, ranging from 1095 High Carbon Steel to Damascus Steel. The essential use of this axe is chopping, but it can also function as a close-range weapon, a shovel, a pry bar, and a hammer. It’s saint for camping trips, as it can help with cooking, chopping wood for campfires, and digging holes. These axes are generally made from high carbon steel or strictly tested Damascus Steel so that they have the capability to cope with a concourse of task.

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Double Bit Axe

The double bit axe has two blades, one on either side of the head. These will usually be symmetrical from the front, but one blade will blunt while the other is sharp. The sharp side would be used to chop wood or fell trees, and the blunt side used to split the wood into small pieces of kindling ready for the fire. These types of axes are not in mainstream production anymore and are now only used by lumberjacks. The advantage of the double bit axe is that it essentially is two axes in one, saving you from having two separate axes.

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Viking Axe

Well-made Viking axes were exceptionally well balanced and could weigh less than two pounds, making them light to carry during battle, and swift to use. The size of these axes varies greatly, though most are double-handed, with handles being as long as 55 inches. The tips of their blades are also incredibly sharp.

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Tomahawk/Hatchet axes originate from North America, where they were first used by Native Americans. These axes resemble hatchets, but they have a completely straight handle and are noticeably lighter. The straight handle makes them easier to release.

These are mostly considered as all-purpose axes and have more recently become fashionable for camping as they are lighter, smaller and are therefore easier to carry around. They are multifunctional, able to be used for a range of bushcraft activities. Their sharp blade makes them useful for digging, prying, chopping, and splitting. Tomahawks are also popular for use in knife throwing competitions, where they have their own category.

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Hunter / Bushcraft / Felling Axe

A hunter’s axe is the essential tool for a hunter, serving the dual purpose of chopping wood A good hunter’s axe will have a grooved handle, which improves grip even if the user’s hands are wet or sticky.

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One Stop Solution To Your Collectible Shopping Spree

All these high quality, cutting edge, internationally tested and standardized Axes are not just termed Multi-purpose because they have the ability to cut, chop, pry dig, split etc. Apart from exceeding expectations in their versatility of operations, they can also be used as wall hangings, decorations, and multiple other design purposes when it comes to adding to the aesthetic of your home, cabin, or even your tree-house furniture because of their elaborate and ambience-enhancing design.

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