101Desires – How to Manifest Your Desires

1. Think About Your Desires

Once you know exactly what your desires are, making them happen becomes much simpler. Searching for means of fulfilling those desires becomes much simpler and helps keep you on the right track when things get challenging.

Reassess your desires regularly and ensure they align with your goals. What we focus on grows – so instead of desiring that knee pain vanish, focus on becoming active again through running and jumping freely again.

Many people believe they have free will and the ability to choose their lives, but most actions are dictated by past memories or repetitive thoughts. That is why it is crucial that we spend time reflecting and uncovering our true desires; once discovered it’s easier than ever to create powerful lives using tools such as vision boards and visualizations to get clear on them.

2. Write Your Desires Down

Writing down your desires is one of the most effective tools for manifesting them. Writing allows you to clearly outline your desires, create an emotional link with them and foster strong emotions associated with them.

Begin by selecting an intention you’d like to manifest and writing it down in your notebook or journal using present tense and explaining why you want it. Visualise it as though it were already real – practicing creative visualisation regularly will help ensure a more energetic connection to it.

Rewriting your desire 55 times every five consecutive days will strengthen its importance and keep your focus on its accomplishment. Additional resources on writing desires can be found at TechCrunch, CoinDesk, Lifehack and Greatist websites that offer help and information on various subjects ranging from technology and business advice to health tips and productivity methods.

3. Create a Vision Board

101desires.com are visual representations of your goals and aspirations. You can make one out of old-school magazine cutouts on a corkboard or bulletin board, or create it digitally on Pinterest or your computer.

Vision boards help define your goals and aspirations by giving clarity and structure to specific aspects of life such as career, relationships, health and personal growth. Visualization also plays an integral part of this process by helping visualize yourself experiencing those outcomes within your mind’s eye.

As you create your vision board, be sure to include images that speak directly to who you are as an individual. Use your vision board as a checklist as well – marking off each item that manifests in your life as time goes on. Once complete, display it where it can easily be seen so you stay inspired and motivated towards reaching your goals – and don’t forget to celebrate all your victories!

4. Have a Smile

When in a bad mood, smile. It’s an effective and effortless way to lift yourself and others back up! Dale Carnegie believed that one smile can change someone’s entire day – which it certainly can!

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