4 fundamentals you must know to market your custom apparel business

In this article, we’ll go through the key industry principles that we make sure our clients are aware of before they begin working in the bespoke garment sector. (And, in case you were wondering, this all ties into how to make money.) So you want to learn how to make money in the bespoke clothes industry. Let’s get started.

The basics of marketing your personalised garment business

Even in its most basic form, marketing is critical for acquiring new clients and retaining existing ones. If he or she enjoys it, they’ll think of you the next time they need company t-shirts – or (even better) they’ll decide to acquire new ones since they enjoyed it so much. Simply take a sample of your work to a local school or business (or anybody you want to sell your wares to). That’s all there is to it.

For example, you may embroider a local business’s emblem on the left chest and deliver it to the owner. If you’re inexperienced with this notion, it’s actually quite simple to grasp.

They’ll appreciate that you took the time to learn about their company, and if they enjoy your work and need someone to make gear for their next event, you’ll be the obvious choice. Offer it as a means for the company to have uniform staff shirts and/or giveaways for their attendees at the event. Make an event tee or cap as a present and give a promo based on their event when you know they’ll be organising one. Keep track of events to identify when a customer is throwing a business event and take sampling to the next level.

When sampling, keep the following in mind:

Bring a leaflet, pamphlet, or handout that lists your services.

Request that they join your mailing list so that you may send them exclusive offers (while you’re at it, take down their phone number). Even if you don’t have an official list because you’re just getting started, save these contacts manually and make sure to contact them with promotional information.

Bring a business card with all of your contact information, including your social media handles and website URL (if you have one at the moment.)

Bring a physical sample of your best work (ideally embroidered with the company’s logo.)


Social networking, which can serve as an online portfolio, is another option for showcasing your work. Embroidery is a highly visual business. However, because you’ll most likely be performing in-person marketing at first, having physical proof of your work is still necessary. This may sound obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people walk up with only a business card and no visual proof of their work. As a result, it’s critical to be able to demonstrate your work through samples, a catalogue (physical or digital), or a portfolio.

Email Marketing

Follow-up is an essential and proven way for persuading your prospects to buy from you, and nothing is more powerful than email. Regrettably, statistics reveal that the vast majority of visitors to your website will not purchase your product right off the bat. Email marketing solutions like MailChimp or Constant Contact are inexpensive and simple to use, allowing you to follow up with potential buyers and consumers.


When someone inquires about your customer’s unique clothes, the client will refer new business to you. When your work is good, a customer who wears it will serve as an advertisement for your business. Your work’s quality will always take precedence.

Online presence

A smart place to start is by posting stunning photographs of high-quality work and inviting everyone you know to follow you on social media. Before buying a product, more than 80% of shoppers undertake online research, and more than 70% of purchasers check a company’s social media account before making a purchase. By providing an incentive for others to share your work, you can encourage them to do so.

This motivates customers to buy from you again and helps spread the word about your company. Tell existing customers that if they upload a photo of themselves wearing your work and tag you in it, they’ll get a free item in their next order. The first five accounts to repost a promo post will receive a free shirt or a 10% discount on their next order, whichever comes first.


That’s all there is to it. These are the most important industry elements to understand before starting a personalised garment company – but you’re not finished yet. We’ve shown you how to identify clients, present them an offer they can’t refuse, and persuade them to buy from you over and over again. If you still have any questions about the topic or anything related to embroidery digitizing, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to assist you.

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