5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Sandals Instead Of Sneakers

Sandals Instead Of Sneakers
mother tries on her daughter's new summer shoes to replace old sneakers in a children's store

When it’s warm out, putting on hot sneakers isn’t always enticing. Your feet get sweaty and uncomfortable pretty quickly when hot summer temps hit for the season. You might feel like you are forced to choose sneakers over sandals sometimes, especially when you’re doing outdoor activities like hiking.

Thanks to choices like outdoor sandals from Viakix and other similar brands, however, you are no longer forced to wear hot shoes just to keep your feet protected. Outdoor or hiking sandals offer plenty of great protection for your feet while still giving you some of the great benefits of sandals. You really can wear sandals and still enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities.

If you’re wondering why you should wear sandals instead of sneakers there are actually a lot of great reasons sandals are a good choice. Sandals have some benefits that sneakers just can’t give you. If you’re still unsure keep reading. Here are five reasons why you should wear sandals instead of sneakers, even if you’re doing some intense outdoor activities.

1. They Air Out Easily

If you’re planning to do a lot of outdoor activities in the warm weather your feet are going to sweat. If you’re stuffing them into socks and hot sneakers that sweat is going to get absorbed into your shoes. Of course, there are odor-eating products you can use to help your sneakers smell better, but sandals don’t need that extra step at all.

Sandals are a very sweat-friendly shoe to wear in the summer weather. When you take them off the air out naturally, leaving your shoe stink-free. They’re built to allow your foot to breathe which means your feet will sweat less, to begin with, but even when you do get sweaty your sandals won’t be worse for the wear.

Sneakers just don’t breathe the same way sandals do, even if they are a brand that’s made to dry quickly. The next time you find yourself thinking about sneakers or sandals, consider what they’ll both smell like at the end of the day. The sandals are far more likely to be the better option in any situation where sweaty feet are a factor.

2. They Handle Water Well

Speaking of airing out easily there’s another factor in outdoor activities that sandals beat sneakers out in every single time. When you’re out hiking and come across a stream or even an unexpectedly large puddle, sneakers aren’t going to be your best friend. Once they get wet, they stay wet, sometimes for up to a few days.

Wearing wet shoes is never fun. They get steamy and itchy pretty quickly when it’s warm out and having wet feet can lead to other issues like more blisters or even athlete’s foot. No one wants to deal with any of those things and sandals let you have an option to assure you won’t have to.

Sandals handle water with ease. They dry quickly and leave your feet feeling aired out and ready to keep hiking without dealing with uncomfortably wet socks and sneakers. A lot of outdoor sandals are even made to deal with water and have extra grip on the sole of the sandal for added stability.

If you’re going hiking and you know you’re going to be crossing water, opt for sandals instead. Sneakers may have meant better protection for rough trails including water in the past, but with hiking and outdoor sandals, that’s no longer true. When it comes to getting your feet wet while outdoors, sandals will always outshine sneakers.

3. They’re Very Adjustable

Sneakers leave you with limited options to adjust the fit to your foot. You can tie them tighter to make them feel snugger but that’s about it. Sandals, on the other hand, give you quite a few options. Brands like Teva have straps that adjust in just about every manner possible. That means you get a customized fit without having to order shoes made specifically for your foot.

With adjustable straps being heavily featured on a lot of outdoor sandal brands, you are much more likely to find a great fit. If you’re going to be outside walking for a long time, and you’re worried about finding the most comfortable shoe option, sandals are a better bet. Sneakers are too limited to give you the chance to have choices on how they adjust to your feet.

4. They’re Made To Handle The Outdoors

A lot of sneaker brands may be made to handle walking well but they’re not always meant to handle rougher terrain. Hiking and outdoor sandals are built for exactly this task. They’re made from sturdy materials to be rugged and tough. Sneakers don’t have the same kinds of materials that sandals do when you’re comparing them for outdoor activity options.

Outdoor sandals are meant to protect your feet, and not fall apart after heavy use. They’re built to last on the trails even if you use them for a few years. Sneakers just aren’t meant to do the same kinds of rough activities. For longevity of use, sneakers aren’t going to be your best choice when you compare them to the sandal options on the market right now.

5. They’re Lightweight

Think about how heavy a sneaker can feel by the end of a day spent outside being active. After a while, they can really start to tire out your feet and legs. Heavy shoes aren’t always a bad thing but they don’t feel great when you’re planning to spend hours outside walking. This is another case where sandals win out.

Sandals are lighter and easier to wear for a longer period of time. Where sneakers may start to feel like a weight on your foot, sandals aren’t going to have the same problem arise. Because they’re lightweight they’re also easier to pack if you plan to bring them with you as a backup shoe.

No matter the situation you’re looking at that requires a lightweight shoe, sandals win again. They’re just made to be lighter and that means they are easier to wear for longer periods of time. There are lightweight sneakers out there, but they aren’t going to feel as great as sandals when you add in all the other benefits you’ve read about already.

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