Aftercare tips for volume eyelash extensions

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Aftercare tips for volume eyelash extensions

Lash Extensions have recently become very popular in our society due to their versatility. They have been around since ancient Egypt when women would use weights or small stones over their natural lashes to give themselves length and volume while making their eyes appear more prominent.

In modern society, lash extensions are used primarily as a cosmetic tool to enhance their natural beauty without makeup, falsies, or mascara. You will find information on how you can take care of your volume eyelash extensions for long-lasting results.

Basic lash extensions types

There are three basic types of lash extensions: tapered fibers, individual, and clusters. The type of lash extension applied depends on the desired effect and cost.

Tapersare placed at one end of a natural eyelash creating length while maintaining volume in the middle and base of the natural lash.

Clustersgive a fuller look by placing two to four lashes next to each other at the same place on the natural lash.

Individuallashes are used to supplement existing lashes for added fullness and often create a more dramatic result than tapers or clusters alone or in combination.

Only Professional treatment

It is highly advised that only certified Lash Artists who have completed the training should apply volume eyelash extensions to clients. While other Eyelash extension procedures exist, they are not meant for lash extension application due to their chemical compositions, which may be detrimental to your natural lashes.

Your safety and wellness should be the first priority! So we I will only recommend a professional treatment if you want to get gain the all the benefits of Russian volume lashes. By the way you can check benefits of the volume lashes at vibrant salon & spa blog post.

Here are some tips you can follow to protect your lash extensions.

Apply Castor Oil

The most important factor in maintaining the life of the lashes is moisture. Lash Extensions can be damaged by excessive water exposure, rubbing your eyes, as well as hot compresses, steam baths, or saunas. Clients should be aware of this limitation for their safety and wellbeing.

We recommend using an oil such as castor oil on the extensions during the week following the initial application, then 2-3 times per day for only 10 seconds after that time frame until the next time your lashes are being refilled.

Castor oil helps give the natural lash a “glue” like protection which will prevent breakage and extend the life of the extensions. Applying a small amount of castor oil to your natural lashes is not damaging.

We also recommend that clients using volume lash extensions avoid products with mineral oils or petroleum (baby oil, Vaseline) as they will cause your lashes to be very brittle. Petroleum and mineral oils are used in many mascaras and eye makeup products.

Take Special care

The main thing for the client to remember is that because of their extreme sensitivity; lash extensions require special care! Clients should refrain from doing anything which may wet them or remove their adhesive bond with the natural eyelash.

This includes swimming, excessive showering/bathing, hot compresses, steam baths, or saunas; all of these cause water exposure which can dissolve the glue holding your extensions in place, creating a potentially harrowing and dangerous situation.

Take Refilling Sessions

Eyelashes do grow out, so even though you can’t see them, they are still there! You should get a refill every 3-4 weeks. This will ensure the healthy growth of your natural lash as well as maintaining the length and volume created by your initial set of lash extensions. If you take care of them properly, your extensions can last 2-4 months.

Use Extensions Sunblock

We also recommend applying Lash Extension Sunblock on a daily basis to protect your volume lashes from sun damage and excessive exposure. The same goes for any makeup you may use around the eyes, such as foundation or mascara, which could rub off, causing excess irritation to the eyes. We suggest that clients use their suggested products at home as well, so they are not damaging to their extensions while performing their everyday tasks.

Cost of treatment

A set of volume eyelash extensions will last from 6 to 18 weeks and cost between $120 and $300 for a complete set. It takes about an hour to apply them, depending on how many lashes you choose. It is recommended that they be applied every 3-4 weeks thereafter for the life of the lash extensions.