Decorative Window Film Installationin Demand for Renovative Office Spaces

Commercial Window Shield

America’s offices are going through a transformation. As more people work from home, corporate leaders, building owners and property mangers are coming up with ways to redefine office space for employees who come to work every day or work part time.

One major shift from the past is the design of individual offices and conference rooms. Gone are the closed off, dark offices and similar conference rooms. Everything is more open – and inviting – largely because there’s lots of glass.

These glass offices and conference rooms have benefitted the workplace in a number of ways. The openness of the glass gives the appearance of a larger, more open space. The aesthetic look of an open workspace with glass offices and conference rooms is a huge upgrade from walled-off space. Employees benefit as well working in a psychologically appealing atmosphere.

Another benefit of the glass walls is how it allows the spread of natural light throughout the office space, which brightens darkened rooms.

Yet, privacy is still important to most employees and managers so office space designers have come up with innovative ways to keep the open look but add a touch of privacy as well.

As a result, the emergence ofdecorative window films, also known as privacy window films, have added an entirely new dimension to the look and appeal of the modern office. These decorative films, which come in all types of patterns and colors, not only enhance the beauty of the glass but provide some privacy as well. Groups of employees can work in a conference room with a sense of freedom from the moderate boundary privacy film provides.

There are various types of decorative films. They include:

  • Frosted: Versatile frosted films come in a variety of styles, from modern to historic.
  • Gradient: These decorative/privacy films feature gradual transitions from transparent to opaque. They offer an open feel to the workspace yet disguise cluttered offices and conference rooms and have a privacy component as well.
  • Pattern: These decorative films feature a variety of often bold patterns and geometric shapes. They are more design-oriented and often are used to develop a branding style for a business and its workspace.
  • Texture: Classic designs with a sense of elegance through the light-refracting sparkle of designer textured glass, is the hallmark of these privacy films.
  • Specialty: These decorative films are designed to mask light or add a vivid shot of translucent color. As a result, they make a bold statement a company’s style and design brand.
  • Custom: Any company can design their own style of privacy films and have them produced by a film manufacturer.

If you are considering installing decorative window films in your workspace, you’ll want to hire an experienced company. Commercial Window Shieldhas been at the forefront of the privacy/decorative window film trend, having completed a number of privacy film installation projects for architects and building contractors nationwide.

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