Dossier Perfume Review

Dossier perfumes cost significantly less than luxury fragrances because their company doesn’t add an exorbitant markup. Instead, they keep costs to a minimum using generic packaging and an efficient business model, and offer risk-free returns with charitable donations of gently used bottles.

Their scent quiz makes it easy to select a fragrance that best matches your preferences, plus sample before buying!


Fragrance can be an integral component of your personal style, yet can also be expensive. Many high-end perfumes and colognes come at exorbitant costs due to quality ingredients, brand recognition costs, and marketing expenses; making purchasing them difficult for many people.

Dossier products feature a sleek, modern aesthetic, which helps lower production and packaging costs. Their direct-to-consumer model enables them to sell fragrances at significantly reduced prices; additionally, generic branding helps ensure competitive prices.

Dior Sauvage offers an assortment of scents for both men and women that mimic luxury brand signature fragrances, including Coco Chanel dupes that smell nearly identical but cost one-fifth as much. With their risk-free return policy, you can experiment with any scent before returning it if it doesn’t suit you; their fragrances also last a long time when moisturized into skin cells.


Dossier offers an affordable selection of dark perfumes at competitive prices. Their fragrances feature top-grade ingredients such as Calabrian bergamot, Pepper, Sichuan pepper, lavender, violet accord, Vetiver, Geranium, Elemi Ambroxan Cedar Labdanum. Many of their offerings qualify as Eau de Parfum scents which offer greater perfume oil concentration compared to regular colognes.

Dossier perfumes offer an affordable way for individuals looking to make a statement through their scent. Their collections draw inspiration from popular designer scents while remaining more budget friendly.

Their cost-cutting practices also use generic packaging, and free shipping for three or more bottles. Furthermore, if a fragrance doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, simply return it for a refund; this provides an invaluable way of exploring different scents before finding one you really love!

Customer service

Dossier offers a risk-free return policy and donates any returned perfumes to charity, making them an ideal option for shoppers uncertain of their purchase decision. In addition, the company provides blog articles, podcast episodes, and videos about its creative processes.

The company offers a selection of fragrances tailored specifically to both men and women, featuring natural ingredients free of cruelty. Their products are affordable; many often being significantly less than high-end perfumes. Furthermore, various sizes are offered so customers can sample before making their selection.

Dossier utilizes SMS to build relationships with existing customers and increase new sales. Since moving to Yotpo SMS & Email, their campaigns have seen a 243x return on triggered messaging alone! In addition, Social Opt-In has helped boost subscriber growth at an even faster pace; their conversion rates for triggered messaging have seen an unprecedented boost resulting in 151% list growth in six months!


Dossier offers various shipping methods and rates, which are displayed during the checkout process along with costs and delivery timelines. Dossier has taken measures to ensure its products reach customers safely.

Dossier perfume is made of high-quality ingredients sourced in Grasse, France – known for being the perfume capital. Additionally, Dossier uses generic packaging that helps lower its overall cost; thus creating an affordable yet similar-smelling alternative.

Dossier perfume offers great savings with their membership program, charging only $29 monthly. Your membership credit can then be redeemed against future purchases or saved up for later. Furthermore, any unopened bottles can be returned for full refund – perfect for trying out different scents until you find what suits you!