Drive and Listen

Drive and Listen
Drive and Listen

Due to the pandemic, we’ve all been cooped up for longer than we’d like. Because we have nowhere to go, we’ve had to fill our time with hobbies and activities, the majority of which are done indoors. Aside from going to the grocery store, driving has been a bit of a non-option.

Even as things have gotten easier, the transition back into the world has been difficult. The app Drive and Listen could be useful. Thanks to recordings of drives in the world’s greatest cities, the app allows you to experience all the complexities of a leisurely tour in new or familiar places.

What exactly is the distinction between Drive and Listen?

The app not only provides crisp, pre-recorded video footage of any area from its huge list, but it also adds live music from local radio stations, road noises, and other little details that make you feel like you’re truly travelling somewhere. According to Esquire, they offer a list of over 50 cities to choose from, each with its own set of routes and radio stations.

The app was created by Erkam eker, a Turkish PhD student, shortly after the pandemic began. The immersive experience was created to mimic trips he had missed, particularly his favourite drive through Istanbul. He reasoned that if he could solve his problem, others would rejoice at the prospect of driving through their cherished cities once more.

What is the mechanism that allows Drive and Listen to work?


During the pandemic, New Yorkers purchased automobiles to avoid taking public transportation.

The installation of the app is straightforward. After you’ve chosen a destination, you’ll see some black and white TV static for a few seconds before the movie and radio start playing. You can choose whether or not road noise is present by pressing a button.

You can select one of the two or three videos available for that city by clicking on the city name again. You can also alter the vehicle’s speed and listen to a variety of radio stations.

You’ll feel like you’re in the driver’s seat, driving through whatever city is presented on the screen, thanks to the app’s great attention to detail. According to Esquire, the camera is positioned at eye level for a driver, giving the spectator the same perspective as if they were in the driver’s seat.

The majority of the tape has good visual quality, and the final piece of the puzzle is the local radio and traffic noises. As a result of it all, the world around you fades away, completely immersing you in the drive.


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The sensation of leisurely driving paired with scenes that are either comfortable or interesting creates the app’s calm ambiance. It’s an excellent approach to visit regions you’ve never visited before or to discover new ones you’ve always wanted to visit.

Although the quarantine has eased in recent months, travel can still be difficult. If you’re stuck at home or want to see what it’s like to drive in a foreign country, Drive and Listen is a great way to recollect and explore.

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